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How Vending Machines Recognize Coins

by:Haloo      2023-03-30
A vending machine is an unmanaged self-service device, similar to the current self-service teller machine, but one is for depositing money and the other is for selling goods. Usually this kind of vending machine is bought and sold by inserting coins, so how does it recognize currency? The material of the vending machine is measured electromagnetically. Using hollow coils or magnetic core coils, the number of coils is only one set, and the number of coils is only six sets. In the working state, the coil and its surrounding circuits will vibrate at a special frequency. When the coin is perpendicular or parallel to the plane of the coil, it will cause a change in the vibration frequency. The magnitude and direction (increase and decrease) of the frequency change caused by different materials are different. After recording the change characteristics of a certain coin, it becomes the basis for identifying the coin in use. At present, the one-yuan, five-cent, and one-point coins issued in China are made of metal materials, which are special alloys specially used to make coins. Therefore, when it enters the magnetic field generated by a specific high-frequency oscillating line composed of inductance and capacitance through the coin entrance, the difference in metal material and volume can easily have a subtle effect on the inductance, and the change in inductance causes a change in the oscillation frequency. By detecting the change of the frequency and comparing it with the set value, after determining the type of a certain coin, the frequency signal is converted into a voltage signal output through a narrow-band frequency selection circuit to complete the identification of metal coins. The emergence of vending machines not only facilitates more people, but also reflects the development of China's technological level. I believe that products that are closer to people's living habits will be produced in the future.
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