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How vending machines are marketed in the office area

by:Haloo      2023-03-31
In the business office area, you can often see vending machines. Some vending machines are often patronized by white-collar workers, while others are ignored, and even the buttons are not repaired. In fact, the vending machines in the office area do not mean that only others can consume them if they are placed on them. Targeted marketing work is also required. The vending machines in the office area are usually aimed at white-collar workers. For targeted people, there should be planned adjustments to the types of goods sold by the machines, inventory and promotional marketing; for example, replenishing the machine inventory according to the frequency of consumption: the consumption time of the vending machine Usually concentrated before going to work (some people do not have time to buy breakfast while driving), lunch break (have a full meal, order drinks and snacks, and eat while chatting), and before leaving work in the evening (we will have to work overtime for a meeting later, and have no time to eat time), supper time (hungry after working overtime), and other times. For example, adjust products according to the main consumers: surveys and sales have found that vending machines that are close to meeting rooms, and the company allows meals in meeting rooms during lunch breaks, are used by female white-collar workers in 85% of cases; smoking is close to office buildings. 72% of the vending machines at the point of sale are used by male white-collar workers. Obviously, the products that women like to consume, such as yogurt, paper towels, snacks, sanitary napkins, etc.; for men, disposable lighters, cigarettes, chewing gum, etc. can be placed. The current marketing for young people tends to be diverse and entertaining. As a vending machine for young white-collar workers, it should also adjust its marketing strategy in time.
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