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How to use unmanned vending machines in summer and winter to save electricity

by:Haloo      2021-10-17
Unmanned vending machine: Summer is the two seasons of the year and one of the four seasons. In most areas, summer is a hot climate and there is a possibility of water shortage. In addition, because most students in the northern hemisphere spend summer vacations in summer, it is also a very prosperous tourist season. In the northern temperate zone, the weather-significant summer is May 21 (Xiaoman) to August 22 (at the heat); in the southern temperate zone, the weather-significant summer is November 21 (light snow in the northern hemisphere) to February 18 of the following year (Rain in the northern hemisphere). The direct sun point in summer is always in the northern hemisphere. At first it moved north, reached the Tropic of Cancer at the summer solstice, and then 'returned' to the south. Summer is the season of long sunshine in the northern hemisphere. Polar days appear in the Arctic Circle and the sun does not set all day long. On July 1-3, the earth will move to the far point of its orbit. From the ecliptic plane, the sun is on the background of Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer. Winter is one of the four seasons, the season between autumn and spring. In astronomy, it is considered that it is from December to March. In China, it is customary to refer to the three-month period from Lidong to Lichun. It also refers to the three months of 'Tenth, Eleventh (Winter), and Twelfth (Late) Months' in the lunar calendar. The time in the northern and southern hemispheres is different. Divided by meteorological significance, in the temperate and frigid zones of the southern hemisphere, winter is in June, July, and August (or May 21 to August 22 according to the constellation standard); in the temperate and frigid zones of the northern hemisphere, winter is in December, 1, February (or November 21 to February 18 according to the constellation standard). According to the meaning of solar terms, winter starts from Lidong and ends at Lichun. Westerners generally call winter solstice and spring as winter. From a climatological point of view, the average temperature is lower than 10°C for 5 consecutive days as winter. Studies have shown that the penetration rate of the air curtains for power-saving unmanned vending machines in summer and winter is the same, but because the air temperature supplied to the air curtain is higher in summer. The enthalpy and dry bulb temperature of the air in the cabinet are high. Power-saving unmanned vending machines consume more energy in summer than in winter. Weather conditions in summer have a greater impact on power-saving unmanned vending machines than in winter. Relative to winter. Causes changes in indoor air conditions (temperature, humidity). As far as the compressor is concerned. The temperature in the cabinet is lower in winter than in summer. The proportion of this increase in power consumption will be greater than that described earlier. Take a display cabinet as an example. In winter and summer, the temperature difference in the cabinet from the upper layer to the lower layer is 3.3℃ and 6.7℃ respectively. The average temperature difference of the summer curtain is about 3~C higher than that in winter. The average temperature in the cabinet is 2~C higher than that in summer. At that time, the air baking value in front of the showcase increased by 50%, indicating that the gas penetration in summer is more serious. In order to maintain the same temperature in the cabinet in summer as in winter, reducing the supply air temperature by at least 2~C means lowering the evaporation temperature. Assuming that the electricity required for every degree decrease in the evaporation temperature will increase by 2.4%, the total electricity will increase by approximately 5%. Therefore, in terms of temperature distribution and energy saving, the influence of seasonal changes on display cabinets is very large. The power-saving unmanned vending machine uses the permeability to compare the air curtain to block the infiltration of hot and humid air outside. How to make the unmanned vending machine use more energy-saving 1. If there are not many items stored, you can place a slightly larger beverage bottle containing salt water in the unmanned vending machine, so that the internal temperature difference of the cabinet can be balanced, thereby reducing compression The number of start and stop times of the compressor extends the service life of the compressor. 2. The condenser of the unmanned vending machine is generally under the steel plate of the cabinet, so the freezer should be placed in a well-ventilated place, and the dust on the outside of the cabinet should be wiped off in time, so that the condensation effect of the condenser can be improved. The purpose of cooling effect and power saving. After the freezer and fresh-keeping cabinet have been used for a long time, the inner liner of the unmanned vending machine is prone to frost. It is necessary to defrost the freezer frequently (about seven days) to improve the cooling effect. 3. If the condenser of the unmanned vending machine is of fin type, it should be cleaned with a brush every one month or so to improve the heat dissipation effect. 4. If the unmanned vending machine is open, avoid direct blowing of electric fans and air conditioners. The night curtain should be closed during non-business hours. haloo vending machine-a large-scale unmanned vending machine manufacturer in China, providing a cost-effective, full range of vending machines to meet customers' personalized customization needs and create new vending machine products. The adult product vending machine is 9999 yuan.
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