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How to use a vending machine earn ten million?

by:Haloo      2020-11-13
How to use a vending machine earn ten million? Very interesting question, first of all, you must have a vending machine in a vending machine 100 profit calculation, every day a year profit was 36500, of course, the actual profit could be a lot more than 100 a day, I'm here just for the appearance of chestnut about 280, ten million, the late may prices rise, the yuan is becoming less valuable, profit of 1000 a day also is likely to drop, and if you vending machine with a screen, there will be additional cost of advertising revenue. How can we ignore the vending machine have so long life, the fighter jet in the hope that it is a vending machine! Remove site maintenance fees, should also need to 200. So, in Syria, use a vending machine earn 10 million is also likely to drop, have to live for 100 years, to borrow 100 ~ vibrating alert again, don't seriously, • ̀ᴗ牛; ́) Organisation ̑ ̑ also have this kind of possibility: you have a vending machine, operating hard everyday one day suddenly came dashing little elder brother, OR floating wine gentle sister soulful said to you; You is really hard, it's ten million, with your vending machine follow me ~ just for entertainment, don't take it seriously. Of course, personal feel, a vending machine earn ten million, I wouldn't rule it out completely. Under the name and worship the other bosses answer ヾ ( o◕原则; ◕) ノ very simple question, you use ten million vending machine, each vending machine for you to earn a dollar a day, then you will earn ten million a day, is very simple
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