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How to set the cooling temperature of a smart vending machine

by:Haloo      2021-10-07
The hot summer is here, and it's the season when all kinds of beverages are selling well, especially cold drinks are very popular. The major beverage vending machine operators have started a new rush. As a new generation of Internet intelligent vending machine of haloo, the infinite treasure box supports selling snacks in winter or selling drinks in summer, which is more versatile! The infinite treasure box vending machine can turn on the refrigeration function when selling beverages, and generally set the temperature at 6-15 degrees. The machine uses an intelligent temperature control mechanism. For example, I set the temperature to 10 degrees and the trigger temperature is +5 degrees. The working process of the refrigeration compressor is to turn on the cooling when the temperature is greater than or equal to 15 degrees, and then cool when the temperature drops to 10 degrees. The compressor stops working, and then the internal temperature of the machine slowly rises with the temperature of the external environment. After a period of time, the refrigeration compressor starts again when the trigger temperature is reached, and the cycle starts again, thereby ensuring the cooling effect while saving energy and electricity. The smart vending machine supports a mobile phone + computer remote background management system, and the temperature and energy saving time of the machine can be set by logging in to the management account through the mobile phone or computer. For example, the temperature at night is relatively low and cooling is not required. I can set the time period 19:00-08:00 to the energy-saving mode, during which time the refrigeration compressor will not work at all to achieve the purpose of saving electricity. Pure Internet management, pure mobile payment, Infinite Box, as the forerunner of intelligent vending machines in the industry, is deeply loved by operators and individual entrepreneurs. Haloo is not satisfied with the current achievements. According to the needs of customers, it has successively launched 10 super-large smart vending machines and smart machines with 10.1-inch touch screen to pay (face recognition payment). Interested friends can Refer to the product introduction section. Search hot words: Customized unmanned vending machine, automatic vending machine manufacturer official website: Tel: 400-86-55011 Mobile: 18053215830 The copyright of this article belongs to haloo.
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