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How to put vending machines, what are the site selection skills?

by:Haloo      2023-03-30
Choosing the specific location of the vending machine is the key to profitability. Choosing a specific location with high cost performance can generate a steady stream of customer traffic for your vending store. Then how to place the vending machine and the location selection skills of the store which ones? Before we place the vending machine, we should first conduct an in-depth analysis of the specific location, the specific location, the characteristics of the use object, and the data information such as the utilization rate. Large venues, relatively closed venues with little market competition. Such as universities (teaching building halls, downstairs dormitories, next to the playground, outside the bathing pool), hospital clinics (lobby), subway stations, train stations, bus stations (waiting rooms, ticket offices, etc.), factories, etc. 2. The quality of the flow of people at the venue Some venues may be crowded but not suitable for vending machines. For example, if it is also a bus station, it is very inappropriate to be around the platform. Everyone is busy getting on the train and there is no time to buy things. Therefore, when choosing a specific location, we must pay attention to the passenger flow and the quality of the passenger flow, and we must also pay attention to the market competition generated by the surrounding physical artificial stores. 3. Commodities correspond to the young people who are the key groups for the consumption of cosmetics, food, beverages and adult products. The vending machines should be placed at a point where the young people account for a higher proportion; It is best to place it in a specific location. Some tourist attractions, parks, zoos, playgrounds, children like to buy things on vending machines with the help of adults, and food, beverages, and children's toys are the objects of their consumption; closed factories, special small In town industrial parks and maker spaces, because it is inconvenient to go out and buy, it is an excellent place to place vending machines; places where drinks consume a lot are also better placed in specific locations (such as arenas, gyms, etc.), but Attention should be paid to their income level and corresponding consumption ability; for example, placing vending machines in street communities is more suitable for selling daily necessities—fresh fruits and vegetables to meet the living needs of community residents. The vending machines of Micui Intelligent Technology have been installed in nearly a hundred street communities across the country, and cooperate with major properties and real estates, and the profits are also very considerable. 4. Safety factors Although the vending machine has certain anti-theft and explosion-proof capabilities, it is still necessary to place the vending machine in a safe and specific location as much as possible when placing it: a place with complete security, or within the coverage of the monitoring probe. 5. Convenience of operation When examining the specific location, try to give consideration to the convenience of installation and replenishment channels. In the case of a single person and a single machine, it is generally considered that the place should not be placed too far away, which is convenient when there are problems in the store or when goods need to be loaded; if multiple sets are placed in a certain area, the composition of the surrounding crowd should be considered, especially The composition of the age group, the composition of the age group should be 18-40 years old, and the crowd is located in college students, young people, street communities, and areas where business hotels are relatively concentrated.
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