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How to manage the operation of small self-service vending machines?

by:Haloo      2021-04-21
The small vending machine is the same as the large vending machine. It supports scanning code to pay and pick up the goods. The advantages are small size, low cost, and relatively simple replenishment. The self-service vending machine should be a promising project, but if it is really to be operated, there may also be some problems, which need to be solved by us. 1. Customers are only curious and dare not try. Consumers are relatively new to vending machines, and it is difficult to actively try to consume. Therefore, first of all, we must do a good job in promotion and place the vending machines in a more obvious position. 2. Dissatisfaction with product quality and type Consumers are not assured of the product quality of the room vending machine and are not satisfied with the product type, so when choosing the product supply channel, they must choose reliable products, and put some big brand products as far as possible. It is well known that the price should also be selected according to the economic conditions of consumers. The small self-service vending machine provides a single product with a smaller quantity. Although it is more vertical to respond to customer needs, it still has to admit that it still has shortcomings. It is an indisputable fact that vending machines are low-cost and can reduce inventory and increase sales, but overall the profits obtained are only small. If you are greedy and want to obtain high profits on the products you sell, thereby raising the price of the products, it will cause the loss of passenger flow, which is counterproductive.
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