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How to make a vending machine high interest

by:Haloo      2020-11-12
With the disappearance of demographic dividend, artificial cost, labor cost, rent cost rise, traditional traffic convenience store is difficult to become a new retail line entrance. Compared with the traditional convenience store, the vending machine for cover an area of an area small, low initial investment and operating cost, ping the characteristics of high efficiency quickly into people's horizons. Vending machine service provides a very convenient life for people, but for operation part of operating a vending machine, to make a vending machine income is higher, there must be strict management, retail survey summarizes the following gold details, operating member only do detail optimization can obtain higher efficiency, and see it together! Customer is our god, to stand in the user's point of view, we always put the customer is god and always consider for the customer said to want, so how do you stand in the perspective of god to be the problem? From the vending machine click on start to customer thought, the anxious customer anxious, simulation customer action route, how to let the customer see your vending machine more directly. How to dress up the vending machine to attract the eyes of the customer, and so on, customers can think of you to think about, think of you also want to think about. Clean the vending machine is a hard face on clothes horse depends on saddle, the vending machine is the same, no one likes to touch dirty things, every time the vending machine replenishment clean good internal and external to the machine, in addition to make goods shipment way more clear, to some extent, can attract more traffic.
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