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How to maintain the vending machine to extend the service life?

by:Haloo      2021-12-05
The unmanned vending machine is the same as the vehicle. It can be used for a few years if it is well maintained at ordinary times, and it can be used for a few years if it is sold without maintenance! Whether the maintenance is good or not can affect the service life of the machine! Generally speaking, the following aspects should be done in the maintenance of unmanned vending machines. 1. Take measures to prevent rain and wind; vending machines are definitely safer when placed indoors, but due to market and other factors, some vending machines are placed outdoors. The current vending machines are very intelligent, with high-definition touch screens, Face-swiping payment, etc., once the water enters, it will affect the use, so the operator must add a rain shed, and always check whether there is any leakage of rain or water. 2. Clean up and eliminate hidden dangers. Regular cleaning is required. Both the internal and external surfaces of the machine need to be clean. First, reduce rust and corrosion. Second, leave a good impression on customers and increase shopping desire. In addition, pay attention to check the exposed wires and cables. If there are signs of natural cracks or bites by small animals, they need to be replaced in time. 3. Take good monitoring and protection measures; vending machines are best placed where the camera can cover. If there is no monitoring facility around, it is recommended that the operator install a camera by himself, so that not only can the machine be damaged or the goods stolen, it can provide Monitoring clues can also play a universal binding force, take good care of equipment, and standardize operations. 4. Set the energy-saving mode reasonably; the temperature setting of the refrigeration mode of the vending machine is different in each area and needs to be controlled by the operator. It should be emphasized that the temperature is low at night without cooling, and the energy-saving mode should be turned on. Let the refrigeration compressor take a break, which can greatly extend the service life of the refrigeration compressor while saving power. Set the energy-saving time period, such as 19:00-8:00 to turn on the energy-saving mode. The maintenance of the vending machine mentioned above is not to be done by the operator deliberately, but to be careful. Clean and hygienic when restocking, and check for potential safety hazards. Nowadays, many of the vending machines are fully integrated. With a steel body and intelligent operation, if a vending machine is used normally, the lifespan will not be a problem in ten or eight years.
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