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How to maintain and maintain a vending machine

by:Haloo      2022-05-16
The service life of the vending machine, in addition to the daily practical operation, but also how to maintain the vending machine. Five skills for maintaining vending machines: 1. Cleaning the appearance of vending machines can moderately increase sales and increase the service life of vending machines. 2. Because the purchase port of the vending machine is relatively low, it is easy to be stained with dust. In order to better prevent dust from entering the equipment and increase sales, it is necessary to keep the purchase port clean. 3. The safety channel of the vending machine's delivery rails is kept clean and tidy in order to make the product debut more smoothly. Use pure cotton cloth and pure cotton towel to scrub the dust and surface stains of the product during delivery. 4. Vending machine currency or banknote barcode scanner. Coins and banknotes are easily stained with dust. The dust-stained coins contaminate the channel. If the stains are too serious, the vending machine coins will have abnormal characteristics such as change, return and exchange. In order to better maintain the excellent characteristics of the barcode scanner, the security channel of the banknote or coin barcode scanner should be scrubbed at least once a month, and a dry towel or a slightly damp towel is sufficient when scrubbing. 5. The parts in the vending machine cooler and air conditioner evaporator equipment should also be cleaned appropriately. For example, the cooler and air conditioner evaporator should be cleaned once a month. When cleaning the cooler, use a vacuum cleaner and a soft brush to gently back and forth. Clean debris and stains adhering to the cooler heat pipe radiator. When removing the garbage inside the air conditioner evaporator, just take it off and wash it with tap water. Haloo Automation Equipment Co., Ltd is mainly engaged in unmanned vending machines, automatic vending machines, and professional vending machine manufacturers have a complete after-sales service system. Let customers buy personalized products at standard money prices.
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