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How to determine whether the payment system of vending machine safety

by:Haloo      2020-11-12
Facing the vending machine in the wide variety of products, whether can not spend money can get a free drink? But about hackers, security hackers small gray directly using the vending machine for the use of pay system fault, after sweeping code, will be able to get a drink directly. While the self-help vending machine suppliers, find a maid software to invade the terminal part of the vending machine. Their attackers use evil intention software to invade the pay of the company's network system, which includes credit card name. Information such as number and expiration time in the face of safety hazards. Company also indicated that not all self-help vending machine have been attack, part of the machine on the personal information might have been leaked. Pay system is the very important part in the vending machine, and the general customers to choose a credit card, mobile phone and code, fingerprints and cash pay a variety of ways, it is then directly collect the user's privacy information, if the system were to invade, will directly or directly show the user's privacy information. Iot card is not only used for vending machine, include now to share all kinds of products, and each big profession, such as smart home network, intelligent medical, car and so on a series of intelligent devices, on the Internet of things card carriers, attaches great importance to the Internet card security, to supply users with security iot card use is now the first to build a more open, accommodating, lunch of lian ji, try to become a united career Pioneers and leaders. 。
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