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How to customize a vending machine?

by:Haloo      2020-11-12
As you all know, with the development of the Internet e-commerce, there is no new retail began to rise, more and more vending machines began to appear in the streets. Common no self-service retail equipment into spring aisle, caterpillar aisle, serpentine aisle, many grid cabinet type of vending machines and yards, brush face the door pickup after automatic deductions of unmanned container ( Smart to sell container) , each type of retail equipment have their different advantages and disadvantages. In use process should carry forward the advantages and avoid disadvantages. In vending machines in use process, everybody's needs are different, the requirement of the machine is different also, cannot satisfy the requirements of the specifications of the conventional, to a certain degree of customization machine or very be necessary. Custom from easy to difficult for customization can be divided into aisle customization, the overall size, software functions and customization, etc. , let's start with a simple aisle custom. Take common spring aisle general merchandise vending machines, for instance, code available way is very simple, put the goods in the spring of pitch in the neutral line, but the space is certain, have some requirements of the size of goods. Commodity is too large to place not in or shoe-horned into leads to card goods, goods is too small easy to leak out or into the side can also lead to card the goods, as a result, selling different goods to customize different specifications of the spring aisle is very necessary. Aisle vending vendors would default configuration in general is aimed at a barrel of the noodles, snacks, drink bottled coal development, if you want to sell these FMCG, there is no need to customize aisle. But if you want to sell to other specifications of the goods such as poker or cigarette size specifications of the goods, have to choose the big diameter 67 mm pitch 35 mm specifications of spring, this aisle and the degree of match of goods size is better, card goods rate is much lower. If other special specifications of the commodity sale, the principle of custom, the custom requirement for machine purchase quantity not too big, generally one can do. If the machine is the overall size of the custom, the number of purchasing have high demands, machine template need to be redesigned, also need to change other parts, basically, it's to develop a new model, the overall cost is relatively high, only if the large amount of purchase. So the author suggests aimed at average users, custom vending machine only need to customize the spring aisle specifications can meet the demand, it is not necessary to machine the overall size of the custom.
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