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How to correctly treat the vending store

by:Haloo      2020-11-13
No one convenience store is? But nobody is cashier. That in general convenience supermarket, self-help cashier why not a cash register for me? Abroad, in fact, the cashier unmanned has been basically reached 50%, city supermarket also have a lot of an unmanned cash register. The employment is not just a cashier, supermarket stores, receiving, tallying, security, operations, etc. , cashier is one of the most popular type of work, a connective not rest is boring day, so it is very willing to introduce self-help supermarket cashier. The technology to a stage can solve all these problems? Technical upgrade has been actually supermarkets and convenience stores, improve work efficiency. When each link machine can do better than people good, may be nobody. But now, the unmanned version, very bad.
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