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How to choose the spring cargo lane/snake-shaped cargo lane/caterpillar cargo lane of the beverage vending machine, which is better?

by:Haloo      2022-01-21
At present, the domestic beverage market is very large, nearly 820 billion, and the sales of beverage vending machines account for less than 10%. It is foreseeable that the potential and prospects of vending machines are very huge. However, to choose a beverage vending machine, you must first understand its cargo channel, so that you can choose a suitable vending machine according to your economic strength. 1. Spring cargo lane: The current vending machine cargo lanes on the market are mainly spring cargo lanes and snake-shaped cargo lanes. Spring spiral cargo lanes are the earliest cargo lanes that appeared on vending machines. The technology is mature. This kind of cargo lane has the characteristics of simple structure and various types of goods that can be sold. For example, it can sell common snacks, daily necessities and other small commodities. It can also sell bottled beverages and a variety of products at the same time. Advantages: Low cost, many types of goods can be sold, and the products are basically not limited by shape, and basically any small products can be transported. Goods are first in, first out. The disadvantage is that due to the design and shape of the cargo lane, plus the weight of the beverage itself, it will increase the jam rate. If we pay more attention to placing the products, we can reduce this situation. 2. Snake-shaped cargo lane: The snake-shaped cargo lane is more suitable for selling beverages than the spring cargo lane. It not only has a large space capacity, but also does not get stuck, and can sell a variety of beverages at the same time. However, the disadvantage is that because the product is a cylinder or a cuboid, the number of varieties is limited to a certain extent. In addition, the quality of the item and its bearing capacity must be considered for the stacking type. For non-cylindrical and cuboid products, additional sets of cylinders are required, which increases the cost. In a word: the design is difficult and the manufacturing cost is high. 3. Crawler cargo lane: The crawler cargo lane is suitable for selling products that are not easy to fall and have fixed packaging, such as short-boxed beverages and canned beverages. The disadvantage is that it is more troublesome and time-consuming to replenish. In general, you can choose according to your own economic strength and budget, and what products you plan to sell in the future. Different vending machines have their own advantages and disadvantages. Specific analysis of specific circumstances.
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