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How to choose a place for vending machines

by:Haloo      2023-03-30
Vending machines can be placed in many places. Vending machines can be placed in places with a lot of people and little land such as stations, factories, hospitals, university campuses, and even places with convenient transportation. First of all, a list of general vending machine distribution points that provide beverages, etc.: (1) School places: university towns, middle schools, training institutions, school canteens. (2) Internet cafe workplace: The Internet cafe manages the front desk, and the Internet cafe does not have a cash register. (3) Office space: office buildings, foreign-funded enterprises, Taiwanese enterprises, large companies, and rest areas. (4) Business reception: Automobile sales stores, 4S stores, sales offices of real estate companies, banks, and investment promotion offices. (5) Business places: shops, wedding studios, cake rooms, cafes, clubs, leisure centers, hotels, cinemas, fast food restaurants, supermarkets, shopping malls, fitness centers, beauty salons, beauty salon apartments, hotels, bars, ktv, Hotel, game room. (6) Commercial places: the entrances of large shopping malls, pedestrian streets, and commercial streets. (7) Family education places: families can use it or give it to friends as a gift. (8) Public places: libraries, railway stations, swimming pools, airports, blood donation vehicles, blood donation stations, exhibitions, etc. (9) Finance: banks, securities trading centers. (10) Media: TV stations, newspapers. (11) Stores: VIP: VIP halls (Unicom, China Mobile, Telecom), lighting companies, building materials supermarkets, furniture supermarkets. (12) Government management departments: foreign affairs work window, China Merchants Bureau, Civil Affairs Bureau, Taxation Bureau, Industry and Commerce Bureau, and Transportation Vehicle Safety Administration.
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