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How to choose a condom vending machine to make more money?

by:Haloo      2021-07-09
How to choose a condom vending machine to make more money? Yesterday, a pot friend asked me about this problem. Condoms, as a kind of adult products, have a rigid demand and high profitability. As long as the quality is guaranteed, the purchase rate is also very good. Nowadays, many people prefer to go to the adult products vending machine to buy. In other words, these aspects are all relatively euphemistic. How to choose a condom vending machine? How to buy condom vending machines The title of condom vending machines is actually more one-sided, and a more effective name should be vending machines for adult products. Since you are unlikely to only sell condoms, there are many related products nearby. When choosing a condom vending machine, the key is to consider the following two levels. Nowadays, there are two types of condom vending machines. One is to find a small store of about ten square meters along the street or in a residential area, and place multiple condom vending machines in it, selling a variety of types. Types of adult products. This type of equipment is a relatively large and medium-sized vending machine, which is generally composed of a key cabinet and a sub-cabinet. The main cabinet is generally composed of the same yellow cargo lane, used to sell small items, and suitable for mass market sales, such as condoms. The auxiliary cabinets are generally composed of grid cabinets, which are mainly used to sell large items, such as collagen fiber products. The second type of condom vending machine is often promoted in hotels. Before the condom vending machine happened, this product was also placed in the hotel. But nowadays, it is convenient for customers, simplified steps, no need to care for ward rounds, and hotel vending machines can handle these problems very well. The condom vending machines promoted in hotels can be used not only to sell condoms, but also to sell some snacks or daily utensils, such as disposable towels, underwear, instant noodles, etc. Condom vending machines promoted in hotels are generally checkered vending machines. The operating method of condom vending machine is analyzed from two levels above, some methods of buying condom vending machine. This is only the work that must be done in the early stage of the project investment safety vending machine. If you want the condom vending function to make money, the following vending machine operation is also very heavy. The main thing here is to make good use of the vending machine system software and use Internet big data to help you sell products more powerfully. The key is to care about what kind of products are easy to sell, and constantly adjust and improve, to maximize the benefits of the vending machine. The back-end system of the vending machine is a huge treasure house and needs to be explored continuously.Haloo Automation Equipment Co., Ltd design and manufacture a full range of vending machines. We also provide the relevant product of vending machine and professional self-service retail solutions,haloo vending machine can meet different clients’ demands。You can enter haloo-vending website and ask us!
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