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How much money a unmanned vending machine? Watching you is more than 99% of the people

by:Haloo      2020-11-13
How much money a unmanned vending machine? Watching you is more than 99% of the people understand the vending machine a vending machine how many money? How much money a the vending machine? Often there will be a friend asked me this question. As labor costs rise, more and more people and industries are in want to have a vending machine to replace part of the manual. But many people don't understand to the vending machine, their most attention is the price, really want to know how can more exactly a vending machine price? Read the following share your will is more than 99% of the people to understand. Affect how much money a vending machine have to factor in the industry we are not ripe, we sometimes from already want to what all don't know, not to mention you don't understand others. Take the vending machine, for instance, are you asking how much money a vending machine before, have basic knowledge of the industry is that clear? Oneself to want what type is that clear? If these is not clear, as if you go to mobile phone shop with the saleslady said, how much I want to buy mobile phones! The following share how much influence a vending machine of the four major factors. 1) Vending machine specification size with the segmentation of industry, the specifications of the vending machine size varied also. Now we have a large common vending machine, such as drinks, snacks, comprehensive vending machines, adult products vending machine, fruits and vegetables vending machine. Small vending machines, than any hotel grid vending machine, electronic cigarette vending machine, small spring vending machine, etc. Vending machine of different size, price difference is quite big, this is a vending machine influence how much is the first factor. 2) Sweep yards vending machines or common multimedia vending machine vending machine to buy way is two, one is sweep code to buy, is to put a qr code in the vending machine, we use the cell phone scan option to purchase. Another is in the vending machine to install a LCD and touch screen, so that we can by hand to slide screen to buy, operating mobile phone with us. Another is to put a piece of advertising screen, for advertisement, and buy or through the code to achieve. The 3 kinds of different configuration, the price difference is bigger, this is a vending machine influence how much is the second factor. 3) Vending machine type vending machine based on selling different products, on the choice of goods, also is to have the very big difference. We have the common spring aisle, caterpillar aisle, grid, etc. Different types of goods, into a complex degree is different, the price also have very big difference. Grid ark is the cheapest, spring loaded goods way to expensive, and caterpillar's most expensive, this is how much money a vending machine to the third factor. 4) Automatic whether need refrigerated vending machine whether need to freeze, cold storage function. The need according to our goods to order vending machine, such as some textile products, digital products, such as is does not require refrigeration. And like some drinks, food, snacks class requires refrigeration function. Refrigeration will need to have a foam box body, compressor, condenser and other equipment, these are all need to have a cost, it is also affect how much money a vending machine in the fourth factor. Finally, share some common types of vending machine reference price, generally according to the grid is not the same as the number of small grid, the price is in 300 - 1000 more, small spring vending machine in 500 above, bring cooling drinks vending general at around 7000. To sum up the share for you, how much influence a vending machine of the four factors, affect the price and some other factors, there was no way to list here. If you want to use the vending machine to entrepreneurship, or part-time earn pocket money can be.
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