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How much is a vending machine-the process of using a mobile phone to pay

by:Haloo      2021-03-23
How much is the vending machine to enjoy the function of mobile phone to pay for online shopping, and the accessory should be the manufacturer who has the wireless network function, technology or server management and the dealer to pay for the transaction amount. The wireless network function of the network motherboard must enjoy the mobile phone billing function, and the main control board must have the news function. After the customer pays to the store based on the scan code, the online payment power needs to be converted into a vending machine for shipment. The network motherboard needs to have news functions. The news about how much the vending machine is basically all rely on wireless communication (the real line of funds is high and annoying). Here is a network motherboard for everyone to recommend easy-to-pay mobile phones to pay for vending machines. After the network motherboard enjoys the news function, the supporting cloud payment should be neat, so that you can get the mobile phone to pay. How much is the vending machine? Stores comply with the backing of cloud payment to control how much the vending machine is. There are the establishment of a storefront business, how much renminbi is needed, pictures, etc. Reasonable dealers to pay for the basic operator of the producer does not have the amount of transaction requirements. Therefore, the developed cloud payment system should also comply with the interface and use the dealer to pay for the transaction amount. Therefore, from the figure, it can be concluded that the transaction amount is still paid by the phone, Alipay, and the manufacturer who pays for the storefront transaction. The current keywords are: Sex Toys Vending Machines Blind Draw Vending Machines Previous: Japanese Vending Machines-Applying the Principle of Mobile Paying
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