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How much is a vending machine, new sales began to occupy the second half

by:Haloo      2021-03-22
How much does a vending machine cost? Traditional retailing faces three difficulties: intelligence, emotional quotient, and adverse quotient,' said Jiang Xiaoyun, professor of profit sales at the School of Management of Chengdu University. Retailing has been defined as a popular hospitality industry for many years, and there is almost no creativity and innovation. Relations, data analysis and decision-making capabilities are lost. Retail companies also lose clear self-definition and timely self-regulation. Survival finds out that the sellers do not have the awareness and the responsible sellers do not have such doubts as neatness. Jiang Xiaoyun prefers, The new era calls for 'sales innovation.' According to Wei Hang, the resident vice-president of Shanxi Military Academy, the last wave of new sales is reflected in the changes in the field caused by the Internet, which in turn brings about logistics, information flow and capital flow. For now, new sales have begun to occupy the second half, focusing on changes in sales that focus on globalization, large-scale, and customization, changes in intentions for convenience, price, personality, and feelings, and the Internet of communications, The transformation of new resources represented by the digital society, etc. Wei Hang introduced that by saying that the transparency of items and the reactivity of intentions, the changes and formation of sales practices can be attributed to several points: new store, new experience type How much is a shopping mall, a vending machine/no people, many shops, and sales in the market. “Selling a relatively small item with a high degree of transparency and high intention of high efficiency will be able to expand towards independent sales in the future, with a vending machine How much money, no more people and more shops, etc. give efficiency. On the other hand, online sales focus on sales locations that are not highly efficient and have a high degree of transparency. 'How much is a vending machine? The future strengthening momentum of retail sales is the new sales of online and offline combinations with customer wants as the core and supported by techniques,' said Huang Yu, deputy director of Quanzhou Business Development Research Center. , The physical market and e-commerce are not contradictory. The figures reveal that the two lines are becoming more and more calm, showing a combination. In addition, the physical market is exploring new consumption potentials, especially efficient consumption, consumer consumption, and diversified, individualized demand satisfaction. The current keywords are: Unmanned vending cabinets, unmanned vending machines, vending machines
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