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How much is a vending machine, and which one is cost-effective?

by:Haloo      2021-09-29
This hot summer is here again. It is really a torment to be outdoors at noon. By the way, buying a bottle of cold drink from the vending machine next to it is really cool to drink a few sips! With the development of society and the advancement of technology, such vending machines for selling beverages are increasingly appearing in a variety of places, such as railway stations, subway stations, bus stations, hospitals, campuses, industrial areas, parks, tourist attractions, Commercial streets, shopping malls, self-employed shops, etc. Labor costs and shop rents are getting higher and higher, and traditional physical stores are difficult to meet the shopping needs of some places, which gives vending machines the opportunity to display their skills! Vending machines can sell a variety of fast-moving consumer goods such as beverages and snacks. Although fast-moving consumer goods are not profitable commodities, the market demand is relatively large, and the overall profit is relatively considerable. The vending machine can sell goods independently, saving a lot of manpower. It is enough to replenish the goods regularly based on the background marketing data, and the operation is relatively worry-free. Vending machines are so good, so many people have asked, how much is a vending machine, and which vending machine is cost-effective? In fact, the prices of different types of vending machines vary greatly, ranging from a few thousand to thirty or forty thousand. The most cost-effective is the CVM-FD48D(C) model in Alipay’s Infinite Box Project. This is a comprehensive merchandise vending machine that uses a spring spiral cargo channel. It only supports Alipay payments and belongs to Alipay’s contract machines. Many friends are worried. It’s not enough to only support Alipay. Everyone likes to use WeChat more. In fact, the users of vending machines are all young people, and young people have Alipay, so it will not affect their shopping. This infinite treasure box can hold 190 pieces of 34 kinds of goods, including bucket noodles, snacks, bread, dairy products, bottled canned drinks, other daily necessities, etc. It is more versatile, and it also supports refrigeration and remote control by mobile phones and computers. It is also very convenient to manage . This machine belongs to the Internet smart machine. The customer scans the code to enter the online product selection platform and picks up the product from the vending machine after online payment. The shopping experience is very good. The price of 8890 yuan is also affordable. It is available in the official Taobao store of haloo Sale! This infinite treasure box is a good answer to the question that everyone is very concerned about how much is a vending machine. There is also a snake-shaped beverage vending machine, which is a large machine that sells bottled and canned drinks. How much does this vending machine cost? Relatively speaking, the price is much higher, usually more than 20,000 yuan. However, this type of vending machine is a good hand for selling bottled and canned beverages. Because of the special structure of the material channel, the rate of jams in selling beverages is required. It is much lower than the spring machine. Because the material channel group is wrapped by the insulation layer, the heat preservation performance during cooling and heating is better than that of the spring machine, which is more power-saving. The capacity is also large. Take the models CVM-PC21DPC7 and CVM-PC21DPC23.6S that have a relatively large shipment of haloo, which can hold 21 kinds of beverages in 360 bottles. This type of model supports banknotes, coins, WeChat, and Alipay. It also supports remote control of mobile phones and computers, which can be applied to a variety of places. The manufacturer also provides training at no charge and teaches the use of vending machines by hand. Such a good model and such a good after-sales service are also worthwhile NS. Of course, there is also a kind of integrated merchandise vending machine with spring cargo lane on the market. The price is between the infinite treasure box and the beverage vending machine with snake-shaped cargo lane. Generally, it is more than one ten thousand, which can also be considered. Everyone is concerned about the issue of how much a vending machine costs, but we should also care about the strength and after-sales service level of the vending machine manufacturer. After all, the latter is more important! . This article editor: haloo vending machine search hot words: vending machine, unmanned vending machine, vending machine manufacturer official website: Tel: 400-86-55011 mobile phone: 18053215830 The copyright of this article belongs to the haloo vending machine.
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