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How much is a vending machine, and what types of vending machines are there?

by:Haloo      2021-09-28
In recent years, everyone has discovered that vending machines have become more and more popular, and vending machines have appeared in many places. There are many brands and models of vending machines on the market, and the prices of vending machines range from about 10,000 to 30,000. Below I introduce some mainstream vending machines on the market. The high-end S-shaped stacking channel beverage vending machine is also a relatively high-end vending machine at present. It is a dedicated machine and can only be used to sell bottled and canned drinks. Currently, there are very few manufacturers that can do it. The advantages of this type of machine are obvious. It has high reliability and few cargo jams, good heat preservation, energy saving and power saving, and high space utilization. The box of the same size is installed more than ordinary vending machines, and there are fewer moving parts and long service life. Of course, the price of this type of vending machine is relatively high, generally ranging from about 20,000 to 30,000. The common spring cargo lane integrated commodity vending machine This kind of cargo lane vending machine appeared relatively early and relatively mature. At present, most of the vending machines on the market are of this type, and there is no technical difficulty and the production cost is relatively low. . In addition, there is also a vending machine with a crawler cargo lane, which can sell stable products, which can be regarded as a derivative of the spring cargo lane. The advantage of these vending machines is that beverages and snacks can be sold, but the disadvantage is that they have poor heat preservation and consume more electricity when refrigerating. Multi-door lattice cabinet vending machines are special, similar to smart express cabinets. They can be made thinner and hung on the wall or placed against the wall, which saves space. There is no requirement on the packaging size of the product, as long as it can Just put it in. The cost of multi-door lattice cabinet vending machine is relatively low, generally you can buy one for a few thousand yuan. But the shortcomings are also obvious. There are few products, it is not easy to refrigerate, and it is more limited in use. Infinite Treasure Box Vending Machine In fact, the Infinite Treasure Box Vending Machine belongs to the comprehensive commodity vending machine of the Spring Pass, but it is different from the traditional spring machine. From the structural point of view, the Infinite Treasure Box is more streamlined. The entire storage part is a complete vending machine. There is no redundant structure. The box of the same size is packed more than ordinary vending machines. In terms of shopping methods, the shopping method of Infinite Treasure Box has undergone great changes. Infinite Treasure Box is to directly scan the code of the mobile phone to enter the online shop, select the goods and pay online, and then pick up the goods from the vending machine. The shopping process is simple and the customer shopping experience it is good. In terms of management method, this vending machine is an Internet smart machine. It gets rid of the cumbersome steps of copying merchandise library files locally to the vending machine. Just upload the merchandise library directly in the background, and usually log in to the background management through the mobile phone WeChat official account. With an account, you can adjust commodity prices and inventory, monitor the operating data and status of the vending machine in real time, and regularly replenish goods based on the background data. The management is very convenient! The vending machine adopts an integral foaming box, which has better heat preservation and energy saving during cooling. It has a 5-layer spring drawer type cargo lane and is equipped with different specifications of springs. It can sell noodles, bread, snacks, yogurt, and bottled canned beverages. And other commodities, can be refrigerated at room temperature! It is very suitable for placing in universities, hospitals, factories, stations, squares, scenic spots, store entrances and other places. A friend asked, with so many advantages of this type of vending machine, the price must be very expensive, right? How much is this type of vending machine? 8890 yuan! If you are a friend who runs a physical store, you can get a vending machine at the entrance of the store, and you can also sell things on your own when you are off work, extend your business hours, and expand your retail profits.
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