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How much is a vending machine, a big introduction to the treasure box

by:Haloo      2021-09-29
Regarding the new business model, the online sales have been hot in the past few years, and the sales of online platforms such as Tmall, Taobao, and JD have continuously set new records. However, the business model has undergone subtle changes in the past two years! The bigwigs of the retail industry have begun to get involved in offline new retail-vending machines and unmanned stores! E-commerce Amazon launched the Amazon Go unmanned convenience store at the end of 2016, which has attracted widespread attention. Recently, Alibaba also launched Ali unmanned supermarket Tao Coffee at the second Taobao Creation Festival. There are two modes for unmanned stores according to the different components, unmanned shelves and vending machines. Today, I will focus on the vending machines that can form unmanned stores and operate independently. In fact, vending machines have been in the country for many years. Because of the need for suitable soil for their development, it was only in recent years that they began to spread slowly with the development of e-commerce. General train stations, subways, squares, schools, hospitals, and tourism. Attractions, shopping malls and other places more or less see the shadow of vending machines. It can be said that unmanned self-service vending machines are the development trend of the retail industry. Since it is a development trend and very promising, interested friends may ask, how much is a vending machine, and what types of vending machines are there? I think it can be divided into the following situations according to the different types of cargo lanes. The most common ones are the beverage vending machines in the snake-shaped cargo lane and the integrated commodity vending machines in the spring spiral cargo lane. The prices of these two types of vending machines are generally between 10,000 and 30,000 depending on the size and configuration. In fact, the question of simply asking how much a vending machine costs is not very meaningful, because good vending machines are not cheap, and low-end vending machines cannot be sold at the price of non-low-end vending machines. The Internet is developed. In this era, many things are so transparent, and you get what you pay for is a universal law. There is also a multi-door lattice cabinet vending machine, generally less than 10,000 yuan, but because the shortcomings far outweigh the advantages, it is currently only used as an auxiliary expansion cabinet, not a mainstream vending machine. There is also a type of vending machine with a spring spiral cargo lane or a crawler cargo lane with elevators. This type of vending machine is more complicated and the price is more expensive. Generally, it is more than 20,000 to more than 30,000. How much is a vending machine is the concern of every new retail entrepreneur. There is really a very cost-effective Internet smart vending machine, that is, the newly developed treasure box machine by haloo! You can get a smart internet vending machine from a big factory for 8890 yuan! Can support WeChat, Alipay and other mobile phone scan code payment, but also through the computer or mobile phone remote control, this is a fair answer to the question of how much is a vending machine. Not only the management is convenient, but the customer's buying experience is also very good. Take out your mobile phone and scan the code to enter the online shop, select the goods online and pay online, and the vending machine will be shipped! . This article editor: Xiaoyi search hot words: automatic vending machine, unmanned vending machine, automatic vending machine manufacturer's official website: http://www.et-vending.com/ Tel: 400-86-55011 mobile phone: 18053215830 Copyright of this article Owned by the haloo vending machine.
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