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How much do you know the advantage of operating lipstick vending machine?

by:Haloo      2021-01-21
Vending machine is now lipstick is rapid development of industry, in the rising cost of domestic rent retail, unattended, can open all day to the characteristics of lipstick vending machine industry rapid development in China! Since march of this year to September, the number of lipstick vending machine from no to tens of thousands of units, the number of growth is remarkable. According to a lot of lipstick vending machine of raw plant manufacturers, they now produce the lipstick machine pressure is very big, production has failed to keep pace with the demand of the market! Then we look at the below lipstick exactly what are the advantages of the vending machine: the first on the one hand is to be able to reduce labor cost, do not need artificial unattended, can achieve 24 hours a day, relative to the entity shop to save labor costs about 100000 yuan a year. The second aspect is to reduce the operating costs, the use of the Internet of things services platform, to realize the monitor goods inventory and equipment operating conditions, the staff can be planned for replenishment and maintenance of equipment! The third aspect is to expand the advertising value, lipstick advertisements on a vending machine can be as natural, further offline flow value of mining, there are considerable advertising value! The fourth aspect is to increase the player interest, by touching the screen you can play the game for several hundred yuan worth of brand lipstick, the common game is fit, increase revenue! The fifth aspect is now in the market of lipstick vending machine manufacturers invest more and more people can get instant vending machine in lipstick ease and meet the demand of diversity, many far-sighted investors, saw business lipstick vending machines, have joined the lipstick machine industry!
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