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How long will it take to pay back the cost of using the vending machine?

by:Haloo      2021-03-25

Nowadays, more and more capitalists are beginning to pay attention to vending machines' development; the reason is straightforward: fast return and the other is replication. Vending machines are a business that can be repaid quickly, and the payback period is about 4 to 6 months.

Of course, just relying on one or two vending machines will not bring much profit, so large-scale replication is required, which is precisely the advantage of vending machines. Compared with a 100-square-meter store, it is easier to reduce channel costs, and it is easier to enter high-traffic areas that cannot be covered by stores such as office buildings, communities, and subway stations. And the process of channel login will be faster and more flexible. After all, the vending machine is just a cabinet. However, in addition to snacks and beverages, new vending machines have appeared in some areas, and frozen vending machines are also under development. Their appearance will significantly increase the types of products sold, but the only drawback is that consumers are isolated from vending machines, which prevents customers from actually contacting the products. The process of paying first and then receiving the goods and even the process of operation failure is disturbing and unsafe.

So which features of the vending machine are so attractive?
1. Credit card shopping, with the support of the network environment, has a variety of electronic payment functions, such as credit cards, stored value cards, SIM cards, etc.

2. Currency recognition. The vending machine's electronic control system cooperates with the banknote and coin recognizer to increase the voucher function so that it can recognize paper and coin-type vouchers.

3. If you use USB technology and a USB flash drive, you can download the vending machine operator's operation information without any complicated procedure and then use a personal computer to process the data. Then you can view the overall data to grasp the difference in different regions Machines, the sales status of other commodities, obtain information in real-time.

4. Network operation
Vending machine operation data, including system status, system failures, material channel failures, stock-outs, and sales data, are wirelessly transmitted to the vending machine network server through the GPRS module installed on the vending machine. The operator can Master the information of vending machines on any networked computer and realize the large-scale operation and network management of vending machines.

5. Multimedia display
Consumers can select vending machine products through the PC-controlled touch screen and can directly choose vending machine products without pressing a button. At the same time, there are advertisements on the display screen, which adds media functions.                                

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