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How can vending machines make money near the factory?

by:Haloo      2021-07-10
Can a vending machine be placed next to the processing plant to make money? Of course it is possible to make money, but before you want to make money, you just need to do these preparations, and all making money is easy. Processing factories have always been the positioning points for the promotion of relatively high-quality vending machines, but although they are all positioning points for processing factories, some of the vending machines promoted to the processing factories can earn money, and some are promoted to the automatic sales of processing factories. The machine is losing money. It turns out that it was not doing a good job of market research before the promotion of vending machines. 1. To investigate the situation around the processing plant and promote the vending machines in the processing plant, we need to grasp the situation around the processing plant, such as whether it is convenient to purchase items. Today's industrial parks are increasingly moving next to big cities. , If you encounter an industrial park that is relatively remote, there are no small shops or shopping malls around, or small shops and shopping malls are far apart, then you will have a good opportunity to make money by promoting vending machines here. 2. Take a look at how many people around your job rely on people to buy goods. You can use a simple formula to calculate it. The more the total, the more items you can sell. If there are not many people in all processing plants, even if everyone comes to buy, you will not be able to sell many items, let alone how much money you need to make. In the case of a processing factory promoting vending machines, it is recommended to take more walks and take a look when choosing a positioning point. It is best to place it on the side of the road outside the processing factory. This will not only allow people in the processing factory to buy, but also Grasp some passing people. 3. According to the group of processing plants, the goods of the vending machine must be appetite to the workers of the processing plant, and they must ensure that the goods are high in quality and low in price. They will want to buy from you, and they will want to buy it several times Shop here for you. Based on your specific business experience, things like vending machines in processing plants, instant noodles, cigarettes, drinks, and toast bread (note the shelf life) are all going well. The top three levels are what we need to do well before we reach the processing plant to promote vending machines. Below, everyone needs to choose the right vending machine based on the above three levels. When the vending machine is gradually operating, everyone must continuously adjust the product and the goods channel based on the data information of the vending machine to meet customer requirements. Only when the customer is satisfied can everyone get a lot of money.
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