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How about investing in vending machines?

by:Haloo      2021-03-19
In the context of the slowdown in the retail industry, especially in the current epidemic, companies continue to explore new models and growth points. After 20 years of transformation, development and maturity, the 'emerging channels' of smart phone sales terminals have attracted more and more attention. The number of vending machines in China has increased from less than 20,000 in 2011 to more than 200,000 in 2016. The vending machine market is growing strongly. Especially in the past two years, when the retail industry encountered growth difficulties, the counter-trend growth of vending machines is worthy of attention. Similarly, as a mobile convenience store that surpasses vending machines, it will also enter a fast-growing channel. The rapid development of mobile convenience stores mainly includes: 1. The equipment can be assembled independently. It has an independent refrigerator and an independent room temperature cabinet, which can meet the different needs of consumers. 2. The continuous advancement of technology has significantly reduced the failure rate of equipment and provided a guarantee for normal operation. 3. With the application of electronic payment, shopping is more convenient for people, and operators are more assured. 4. Existing equipment has a short support period, low temperature, and unstable commodity sales. 5. New entrants have multiple business models, with controllable risks and maximum profits. Starting in 1994, Japanese Suntory vending machines entered the Chinese market, opening up a new starting point for vending machines. After 2010, with intelligence supporting more types of sales, a large number of fast-moving consumer goods manufacturers such as Nongfushanquan, Wahaha, Master Kong, Uni-President and other companies have also begun to enter the market on a large scale. Vending machines have several main disadvantages: 1. High unit cost, low single product capacity, and poor selectivity. They are usually a single species and cannot meet the diverse needs of consumers. 2. It cannot expand and increase value, and there is no room for development. Each is an independent system and cannot be sold without equipment failure. The capacity is limited and cannot be expanded. The expansion can only add independent equipment. 3. The manufacturer sells equipment for background management. The factory is to produce equipment and sell equipment to the back-end system. At the level of hardware technology, we need more than just improvement. Similar to a house, there is no decoration in the structure. When using it, it was found to be subject to many restrictions. Pay with one hand and deliver with the other. no limit. Consumers are faced with a cold equipment, after the problem occurs, the after-sales price is basically zero. The technical level of the equipment is not yet mature, and the manufacturer has not yet committed to the production process. They are all working on platforms and operations one by one. As a result, a vending machine manufacturer brought a lot of large gift bags that had not been carefully manipulated in actual operations. In fact, eggs are useless. 4. The cost of investors buying units to purchase vending machines determines the entry threshold of vending machines. After all, buying a complete machine is not necessarily the best solution. At this stage, most of them adopt investment promotion and alliance methods. Through conference marketing, investors purchase equipment units and entrust operating companies to operate, which is similar to investment but does not participate in operations. In this case, the operating company only invites investment promotion, not business. The investor becomes the purchaser of the equipment, and the investor bears the rent of the venue, electricity bills, network expenses, etc. The end result of this model is that it is difficult for investors to keep the equipment running for a long time. 5. The product supplier is only responsible for the supply of the product with the mainstream product supplier, because it is not a unified operation, the cash on delivery, the payment is clear, some commodities need investors to buy, because the quantity is small, the price of the product is naturally high. There is no unified procurement and decentralized distribution of commodity supply, which makes it impossible to take into account the premium and flexibility of commodity procurement. Usually, the purchased product is the product sold in the next store, and there is no difference between the vending machine and no one. Previous: Guangdong vending machine joins the agent of automatic unmanned vending machine Next: Guangdong vending machine joins the basic steps of the daily management of the vending machine
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