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by:Haloo      2021-04-19
Hotel vending machines are loved by many investors and entrepreneurs because of their accurate crowd positioning. According to data analysis, the current usage rate of sex toys in hotels, guesthouses and other places accounts for about 56% of the share, which undoubtedly provides customer support for the development of hotel supplies vending machines. The emergence of hotel vending machines has also solved long-standing operational problems for hotels, guesthouses and other industries. For example, it saves the labor cost of checking products, and naturally solves the problem of customers waiting to check out; traditional way of compensation for product loss; the problem of sales decline caused by incomplete types and so on. The following introduces three hotel supplies vending machines launched by Guangdong for customers in need: 1. JD-01 model (capacity 23 cells) 2. JD-02 model (capacity 28 cells) 3. JD-03 model (microcomputer, capacity) 5 grids) To sum up, the average capacity of Guangdong hotel vending machines is not large, which is suitable for hotels and guesthouse industries, and does not take up too much space; 7-inch touch screen interface, convenient operation and space saving; all use PC explosion-proof door device, long-lasting durable. Article source: Guangdong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Search hot words: Guangdong Vending Machine Manufacturer Vending Machine Manufacturer Guangdong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Official Website: Tel: 400-6977-882
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