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Hotel room mini vending machine cooperation mode!

by:Haloo      2021-09-01
Hotel room mini vending machine cooperation mode! Do you know vending machines? The following editor will explain it! Have you heard of hotel vending machines? You may not have heard of it. But those who have stayed in hotels will find that many rooms have mini vending machines. However, hotel vending machines have not been widely promoted, and only a few hotels have them. This is the business opportunity! Because in business, 20% of people can understand it, and they make the most money. When 80% of people understand it, the streets will be full. Hotel room unmanned vending machine, as the name suggests, this kind of hotel room unmanned vending machine is dedicated to hotel rooms, and is known as an adult product vending machine placed next to the customer's pillow. Hotel vending machine: self-service, small investment, low threshold, fast return, do business that no one else has done, and earn money that no one else can think of! Hotel vending machines are placed in the hotel rooms, providing a variety of adult products and sex toys. Compared with online shopping, it is more timely and convenient, protects consumer privacy, and avoids leakage of personal information. At the same time, to avoid embarrassment, many people out of curiosity and impulsive consumption buy a variety of sex toys to experience sexual happiness. Scan the QR code to pay, and wait for it to make the sexual happiness and pleasure come more timely! Precise marketing scenarios and diversified cooperation models (agents, custody, sharing, etc.) make hotel sex toy vending machines an ideal new business model and an excellent business opportunity for venture capital! Hotel vending machines provide a variety of mature business cooperation models for hotels and franchisees to refer to. The details are as follows: 1. Free vending machines are provided to hotels. Hotel vending machines franchisees provide a certain number of room vending machines to hotels willing to cooperate for free. , The two parties signed a related legal contract, and the property rights belonged to the 'hotel vending machine franchisee'. Hotels can get a certain percentage of revenue share from sales. The vending machine uses WeChat or Alipay for payment, and the settlement cycle with the hotel is 30 days or natural months. 2. The hotel directly purchases guest room vending machines. The hotel directly purchases vending machines from 'hotel vending machine franchisees'. The 'hotel vending machine franchisees' are responsible for free door-to-door installation, commissioning, demonstration and after-sales maintenance. You can directly view all sales and account details through the management background. The hotel can purchase goods on its own or be supplied by a 'franchisee'; the vending machine equipment purchased by the hotel enjoys lifetime free maintenance. 3. The hotel rents vending machines on a monthly basis. The hotel can choose to rent vending machines on a monthly basis. The leaser needs to pay a certain amount of deposit and charge a monthly rental fee according to the number of rented vending machines. 'Hotel vending machine franchisees' continue to provide background management service. During the lease period, if the hotel party switches to the purchase mode, the previous lease fee can be used to reduce the equipment price difference. The hotel also enjoys free maintenance services for cost-priced sources and equipment. 4. Renting a hotel to operate independently. Entrepreneurs or agents or partners can choose a suitable hotel for cooperation, pay the hotel directly to the hotel, and enjoy the huge profits brought by the vending machine. We will assist franchisees to provide suggestions for site selection, placement, and product combination, and professional staff will guide franchisees on product training, equipment installation and commissioning, and front/back system operation management. Franchisees can enjoy the high-quality supply of sex toys provided at a cost price. How much do you know about today's content? For more information about vending machines, please follow our official website haloo-vending.com.
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