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Hotel put vending opportunity won't appear the phenomenon of losing money

by:Haloo      2020-11-12
In their eyes, active vending machine to supply products thorough hotel and hotels paid supplies supply of repeated, avs base would not have to choose the hotel actively vending machine products. On this idea, the author has mentioned in the previous article very frequently, to do - here Time to pick up. Hotel supplies products are either free of charge. Either paid ( Price is on the high side) 。 Guests into the hotel, whether how hotel brands, residents on the safety of the products, have doubt that emotional health. Free of charge, of course, than take the initiative to have to pay more to attract residents in the vending machine, but in use in the future can find these items really defect. Free products if is high quality, which about the hotel cost of capital is high, in addition to the gao the hotel has a power to do so, the hotel is not possible. The products for free day, leave a deep-rooted in people's hearts image - - Defect. Compare itself to supply in paid supplies, hotel active vending machine, lower the prices of similar products, and detailed information about the products and other guest review of it can be get, really reflect the value of the product. The idea that no problem, but if this reason rejected hotel active vending machine, is not thoughtful. Hotel nature is not willing to lose profit paid supplies brought active vending machine is not the hotel and hotel is a contest, but both demand collaboration. Hotel supply in the paid items, it will not be able to prevent the guests to return a house, putting to send room to check the guest room products, is overhead human capital demand in this area. And active vending machine is able to hotel pick up the products placed in guest rooms in the meantime, namely let the hotel to handle more order, will not harm the interests of the hotel, but also saves will be human capital. Hotel active vending machine only a device, it is not mandatory for sales.
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