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Hotel mini vending machine, small white want to start make money?

by:Haloo      2020-11-18
Hotel vending machine operating the plight of adult products profits the rumours have been rumours for a long time, but profits are based on high sales; From the message of the personage inside the industry have so far, the hotel mini vending machine overall operations is not very good; A single room had an average of two dollars per day is few, there is a vending machine operation ways of brand a bit; They are in the process of operating hotel mini vending machine, found in the vending machine sales of condoms are accounted for absolute proportion; So, they developed a condom vending machine with electric line, due to the low cost and cut just need; Instead, in the hotel vending machine in the red sea fight our way out, in the case of fuselage cost is much lower sales remain the same; Broken mind, discarded product thinking vending machines, artificial intelligence, unmanned retail will be China's large draught in the coming decades, vending machines, to enter the gold rush of friends to provide a full range of industry hot spot, the distribution of the formats, operational story, professional q&a, exhibition information etc. , to provide investment join a shiny black good shovel; Finally talk a point of view, the current the vending machine formats are staring at the products, and domestic product is the most don't lack, but the lack of good IP; We can imagine, if a hotel make Disney or fires hand buy IP Molly is class category of copyright; And the appearance of the machine for packaging, if possible, use 3 d printing to make each self-help vending machine has a soul, that is how to promote for business;
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