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Hotel mini vending machine, can Xiao Bai want to make money by starting it?

by:Haloo      2022-02-23
The dilemma of hotel vending machine operation. The rumor of huge profits in adult products has been circulating for a long time, but the huge profits are based on high sales. According to the current information from various industry insiders, the overall operation of hotel mini vending machines is not very good. Good; it’s very rare that a single room averages over RMB 2 per day, but there is a vending machine brand operating method that is a bit interesting; in the process of operating the hotel mini vending machine, they found that the sales volume of condoms in the vending machine accounted for an absolute proportion Therefore, they developed a condom vending machine with a charging cable, which was low cost and just needed; instead, they cut a blood path in the red sea of u200bu200bhotel vending machines, maintaining the same level at a much lower fuselage cost. Sales; the thinking of breaking the game, abandoning product thinking, vending machines, artificial intelligence, and unmanned retail will be a huge outlet for China in the next few decades. The vending machine network provides a full range of industry hotspots for friends who want to enter the gold rush. Business format distribution, operational stories, professional Qu0026A, exhibition information, etc., provide a black and shiny shovel for investment and entrepreneurship. Finally, let’s talk about the point of view. At present, the format of unmanned vending machines focuses on products, while domestic products are the least. What’s missing is a lack of good IP; we can imagine that if a hotel buys the copyright of Disney or the Molly series of hand-run IP Molly from the current big fire; and packs the appearance of the machine to a certain extent, if possible, use 3D printing technology makes self-service vending machines with soul, how much promotion it has for business;
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