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Hotel choose what are the cause of the vending machine

by:Haloo      2020-11-13
Along with the development trend of network economy and shopping habit changes, adult products market has already become a kind of new commercial service of new forces, and adult products market has a shocking amount of consumer market. Because of the rising of tourism development with the hotel sales market, and in view of the quality of life of the pursuit of Perfect, online shopping has already been far can not handle all timeliness and convenience. In rent, management methods, human resources costs continue to improve natural environment, such as unmanned automatic vending machine is offline promotion customer's economic development. Information technology integration, therefore, adult products market and the hotel market basically, plus a self-service software development and design of unmanned system, released the new upgrade operation mode of the condom - Hotel rooms to the vending machine. Hotel room in the vending machine is a small and medium sized condom vending machine, the key to the hotel restaurant of the hotel rooms, according to the mobile phone WeChat flicking yards pay machine equipment code can get a condom after pay for success, for the hotel customers have a higher quality of move feeling, promotes the user evaluation of the hotel restaurant and after purchase. Each other mutual win, for the hotel to increase production and maintenance of the customer's privacy protection. Mobile payment has become increasingly mature period, the qr code on your mobile phone to pay increased consumption experience, hotel room condom vending machine for consumption in the hotel this scenario, keep a new retail concept of intelligent systems, hotel room vending machine will be sent to the hotel room immediately condom sales, consider the timeliness of the consumer market.
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