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Hotel became a sex toy vending machine precision marketing the best scene!

by:Haloo      2021-01-27
Now, with the rapid development of the hotel industry, hotel is becoming more and more fierce competition, after the outbreak of the development period, the industry has presented the status of the shuffle. Investigate its fundamental is serious homogeneity and excess. Want to live in such a serious industry situation and development of the hotel need to seek new ways. In addition to its own soft services and hardware equipment optimization, still need to enhance their own characteristics, make travel alienation and personalized business model. Now consumption grows, many consumers are already from the pursuit of cheap to pursuit for change. Under this major premise, if recklessly cost and price, will only compressed already meager profit space, promote service experience, it will open and the gap between the same type hotel, into the plight of business. Then there is the trend of consumer groups are now showing a younger, 80 s and 90 s has gradually become the main consumption of hotel vending machines. So to operate the hotel need to find a new breakthrough, need to cater to these new consumer groups, to adapt to the rapidly changing market demand. According to the related key difference, according to the consumers to buy now adult products use place, hotel occupies 56%, household use 35%, entertainment venues and other 9%. Since ancient times, Chinese people are more reserved, a lot of people are unable to accept or on the street to buy in the supermarket adult supplies, if online purchase and need to wait for a period of time. So hotel has become an adult sex toys in precise marketing one of the best scenes, so in the hotel for adult supplies vending machine is a kind of brand-new windfall venture investment project.
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