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Hot and cold vending machine - Vending machine

by:Haloo      2021-02-12
Hot and cold vending machine double integrated ark, single need to spend how many money, do both high cost-effective and specialized nature. Using a bomb technology, very strong aisle planning planning, environmental utilization rate reached perfection; Can support a multi-type aisle set fancy, broaden the goods classification. Panoramic environment capacity expansion cold hot vending machine overall mechanical SKU number up to 70, the item set number up to 600, the overall mechanical capacity is 50% more than the same area of vending machine, greatly greatly enhance operational efficiency and sell value; Panoramic goods display window, if the palm, goods Lin Lin always, always play very much to buy the buying habits. Cent store display gold matching hot and cold vegetables and carbonated drinks vending machine store display, 40% carbonated drinks and 40% vegetable products structure layout is the golden ratio, not only fully customer shopping needs, at the same time to carbonated drinks vending machine dealers bring new profit opportunities. Shopping cart technology, the quality of life of new expansion of cold hot vending machine a can buy all kinds of goods bought, support double ark shipping, throughout the mobile code purchase, payment, AOE control, convenient control, communication, the Internet technology can assign, make the atmosphere, cargo, automation, specific to expand the quality of life experience. Current keywords for: 55 inch full screen vending machine on the automatic medicine machine sales a: adult supplies - the vending machine Vending machine
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