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Help you solve the most easily overlooked vending machine operation problem

by:Haloo      2021-03-15
A company has put 9 vending machines in the office area, namely 5 beverage machines and 4 snack machines, which are mainly operated and maintained by employees part-time. After communicating with part-time employees, they learned that they encountered Many thorny issues. After adopting the suggestions of the operators, the turnover began to increase. Recently, the company has ordered 36 vending machines. Let's review it together to see what problems they encountered in the process of operating the vending machine and how they solved it! Two common problems in operating vending machines for the first time. The operator’s 9 vending machines are operated part-time by 2 employees of the company, taking care of back-office management, product procurement, replenishment, machine maintenance, etc. The part-time employees are the first time they operate Vending machine, inexperienced, after a period of operation, these 2 most common and easily overlooked problems appeared! I don’t know how to buy, 30% of beverages are sold out, and 70% of the part-time replenishers of snack vending machines have two centralized purchases in April. The first purchase of 8,000 yuan of goods, 30% of which are beverages and 70% It's snacks. Half a month later, the second purchase of 6,000 yuan of goods, of which beverages accounted for more than 90%. You will find that the best sellers in the office are beverages. When many replenishers made their first purchases, they did not investigate the market demand and planned the product categories. They purchased products based on subjective speculations, which led to the polarization of products sold out and inventory pressure. The vending machines are often out of stock, and the replenishment cannot keep up with the vending machines placed in the office area on the second floor of the company. There are more than 200 employees. Many products of the vending machines are sold out every afternoon at tea time. Part-time replenishment employees have to go to work during the day and cannot start a day’s replenishment until 8 or 9 in the evening, or even delay until 11 or 12 in the evening. When it first started operations, it was replenished once a day, and it was replenished once every three days in October. Replenishment efficiency is a problem that many operators often overlook. If the replenishment is not timely, consumers cannot buy the goods, and naturally they will not come again. Question 1: The purchase of goods is based on intuition, a small part of the drinks will soon be sold out, and most of the snacks will not sell! Problem 2: Good-selling goods are sold out, and replenishment can't keep up. The number of people who come to the vending machine for consumption has rapidly decreased. 2 tools to help you solve the problem of goods and replenishment How to purchase goods more scientifically 15 days after the goods are on the shelf, the operator platform will analyze the previous data and give the goods from the three aspects of order volume, time required to sell out, and product gross profit. Adjustment suggestions will help you increase the turnover of each vending machine! In addition to suggesting that hot-selling products increase the cargo channels, slow-moving products reduce cargo channels or even off shelves, the future platform data can also analyze which products are selling hot in the same environment. Two schemes to balance replenishment efficiency and employment costs. According to the company’s case, part-time employees can only use off-duty time to replenish goods, resulting in vending machines failing to keep up with replenishment and reducing revenue; if a full-time replenisher is hired separately, Undoubtedly increasing the labor cost, how to balance this problem, the assistant provides two operational ideas: 1. Part-time staff: formulate a sharing plan to increase the enthusiasm of replenishment. The number of vending machines in the early stage is small, less than 10, and you can consider part-time staff. Part-time students, office buildings can find security, factories can find workers or security, etc.; part-time replenishment personnel meet two characteristics: 1. Have free time; 2. Want to make extra money. There are two common ways to divide: 1. Share by replenishment quantity: consider this method when sales are unstable; 2. Share by sales: consider this method for high and stable sales; make a plan for replenishment personnel sharing , Work more, get more, the operator platform has the function of [replenisher commission], which automatically calculates the number of replenishment and the corresponding commission amount every month. 2. Recruiting full-time personnel: basic salary + commission, which is convenient for managing a company to increase staffing, which needs to be determined according to business expansion; the same is true for vending machines, and the workload and input-output ratio need to be considered; such as the number of replenishment units, the distance of replenishment, For daily replenishment volume, etc., you can refer to the following data to make a reasonable plan. The total distance of the replenishment line/day≤50km 50km<X<130km≥130km The number of replenishment equipment for 1 replenisher/day ≥20 units 10-20 units≤10 units Next, determine the basic salary commission problem, except for this In addition to the increased costs of social security provident fund! Basic salary: please refer to the salary situation of the same industry in your city; commission: it can be divided according to the replenishment quantity and sales. If you want to know more, please add WeChat communication. Summary Of course, in this case, the company's part-time vending machine operators also did a good job: point selection 1. Office environment staff stability; 2. Since the site is in a company's office space, the cost is reduced I went to the spot fee; 3. There are no other vending machines or shelves of the same type in the venue, and there is no convenience store nearby. The first purchase of goods is based on the maximum capacity of the machine. Part-time employees purchased 8,000 yuan of goods for the first time, about 2,000 items, which can basically fill the cargo lanes of 9 vending machines, which can be used as the first purchase of vending machines. Refer to the train of thought.
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