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He took just 11 m smart self-help vending machines, sales of one hundred and ten thousand

by:Haloo      2021-01-24
Ming-hui wang turned out to be this through a finance company, general manager of a lot of people to see his future is bright, but he didn't want to work like this to others, in the end he resigned. Just began to enter the no retail market, he is just using thermal tank type of vending machines, inside put a dozen bento, although the self-help vending machine can be heated to heat preservation, but less than a bento has gone bad. Can't, he had to carry out research and development of new, after a period of hard work, his research and development in addition to the intelligent heating type automatic vending machine and freezers, selling commodities added to salads and drinks such as type. Compared with the traditional vending machines available in the market, ming-hui wang founded enlightenment can have dinner is clearly more convenient, consumers through qr code scanning with the top of the container yard to open the door, take the goods and then close the door automatically the need to pay. This is also one can eat the background system, the role of the system in addition to the automatic collection, also can let the operators to understand consumers' dining information, and then the information feedback to restaurants in cooperation, so it can accurately choose goods. So far, five enlightenment to dinner already and catering, the cooperation is laid in wuhan 11 intelligent self-service vending machines, but sales can reach 110000. Since the start of the year, no one shelf industry began to give up by the market, the emergence of a lot of negative news, many brands have appeared financing failure, removed from site, etc. , many entrepreneurs do not do, find new ways. Experience, of course, this affair is not a bad thing, because the industry will become more cautious, investors after failure wouldn't blindly follow suit, to focus on solve the user's spot.
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