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Have more Out of Break Your time.

by:Haloo      2020-07-19
Right it's break a chance. Good stuff. Time to go grab a coffee and a snack. A little oasis in the day. Time to read the paper or have a little catch up with friends from other departments.
The only snag could be the canteen is all approach downstairs. And in this office that means ten flights of stair or perhaps the cranky old lift that never seems to come. Most of the 'break' gets eaten up likely to and fro to get a coffee. Which isn't ideal to say the least. Not exactly much of a break is it's? A tiresome trudge to fetch a drink. It takes ages.
But it doesn't have to be this way. There exists a break room within floor. What's wrong with a vending machine? OK you're not going to get yourself a world class latte, but modern vending machines can twice daily . pretty decent pot of coffee. Not to mention soft drinks and snacks. Such an easy solution. They're easy to install and you don't have to worry about the refills and offering. It's all part of the contract. When you are even make an awesome little profit. Understands?
It's not too difficult is it? Plus we'd probably take shorter breaks very. Maybe that's the best way to pass it on to the boss. Please install vending machines and we'll all work harder. I promise! Everyone wins with a vending machine. We get well breaks and we aren't away from our desks so a great deal. But I'm not the boss and he doesn't take kindly to ideas are not his. So maybe that's the mislead. To persuade him he thought of that it. Got to be worth a try.
Hopefully it's different this where you work. You might have an easier period of it than me, but think into it. It's the perfect solution for your floor or department, especially if you work somewhere with an incredible office.
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