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Haloo intelligent unattended self-service car washing machine

by:Haloo      2023-09-14
Manual car wash, water gun car wash. Self-service car wash, steam car wash. Car wash machine car wash. Automatic car wash machine car wash, and today's unattended car wash machine car wash! The car wash industry has undergone various changes, and various car wash methods have changed the living habits of car owners. They have also subverted people's views on traditional car washes. From intelligent unattended car wash machines to our lives, not only brought us surprises, It also brings more convenience to our life. Unattended 24 hours a day, open 365 days a day. Contemporary car washing methods are gradually replaced by unattended car washing machines. In today's society. Unmanned supermarkets, unmanned banks. Human express delivery. When these unmanned technologies were not yet mature, unattended car washing machines had already begun to multiply in the market. Nowadays, they do not know that car wash shops install unattended car washing machines in order to save labor costs. Many investors I like the characteristics of the unattended car washing machine. It is open 24 hours and does not require manual labor, so I choose to invest in an unattended car washing machine. Various shopping malls and supermarkets have also chosen to introduce an unattended car washing machine to increase traffic. Why is this? 1. In the face of nearly 250 million cars in the country, car wash service is a huge market. Such a large and continuously growing number of cars will inevitably increase the utilization rate of car washing machines. At present, with the popularization of knowledge on car maintenance and beauty in our country, the concept of car beauty maintenance has gradually been formed. Market research shows that more than 60% of private high-end car owners in my country have the habit of doing beauty maintenance for their cars. More than 30% of middle and low-end car owners have also begun to form the concept of car beauty maintenance; more than 30% of public high-end cars also regularly carry out beauty maintenance; more than 50% of private car owners are willing to do car beauty by themselves under the condition of mastering basic technology and conservation. It is not difficult to see that the automobile follow-up service market has great potential. Compared with the disadvantages of the traditional car washing industry, such as inconvenience, high cost, and difficulty in hiring workers, self-service car washing has become a development trend. In view of this situation, the intelligent unattended car washing machine timely fills the market gap in the car washing industry, and the market potential huge. Therefore, it is more secure to invest in an intelligent unattended car washing machine, and you will not worry about the problem that there will be no car to wash after you buy it. 2. In the traditional car wash industry, whether it is ordinary car wash or exquisite car wash, car owners are faced with the problem of slow car wash and long waiting time. The intelligent unattended car washing machine just solves these pain points of traditional car washing. Although the charges for ordinary car washing and unattended car washing machines are similar, they are quite different in terms of time, efficiency, manpower, and material resources. Now let us compare the status quo of traditional manual car washing and the advantages of unattended car washing to understand why you should choose car washing equipment. 3. Additional advertising revenue, which mainly comes from the advertisements displayed on the display screen of the unattended car washing machine. The amount of advertising revenue depends on different cooperation methods. Secondly, advertising revenue varies from city to city in different locations. Currently, device screen advertising has been successfully implemented in some cities, so advertising revenue is also one of the project's revenues. In short, for gas stations, purchasing unattended car washing machines to provide customers with car washing services can increase the additional income of gas stations; for shopping malls, installing unattended car washing machines can attract customers to increase passenger flow, thereby increasing revenue ; For enterprises, buying unattended car washing machines, increasing employee benefits, establishing a corporate image, retaining talents, and spreading brands... These various operating methods will meet the needs of more customers. Innovation in the industry will surely absorb more business opportunities. It can be seen that the intelligent unattended car washing machine will also be the development trend of the car washing industry in the future.
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