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Hainan haikou smart what types the vending machine?

by:Haloo      2020-11-13
Hainan haikou smart what types the vending machine? Spring, caterpillar, many grid, mechanical wall, etc. , the hope can help you. Type 1, spring shipment vending machines, food vending machine is the most common way of commodity output, mainly through the rotation of the aisle spring to shipment. Delivery accuracy is high, the real-time performance is strong, so long as the size of matching with spring delivery goods that can adopt this way. 2, lift ship type vending machine, used for fragile goods sold, with the spring push cargo shipment or manipulator combinations to use, reduce goods off when goods damage, the device is a vending machine an innovation in the field of selling goods, greatly increased the vending machine can be the variety of goods on sale. 3, caterpillar vending machines, each sales action has accurate sensors to control, the whole sales process precision, high efficiency and automation. Mainly relying on the aisle at the back of the manipulator device to sell goods. Goods that the way for selling the size and weight is bigger, shape rules, can with stand to place items. The hope can help you.
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