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Guizhou guiyang local single purchase. How much does the vending machine

by:Haloo      2020-11-13
Guizhou guiyang local single buy no one how much is a vending machine? The vending machine according to the manufacturer to different model number du configuration difference is not small. Ark is cheaper than traditional courses grid, a thousands of yuan. Traditional spiral spring aisle of the vending machine technology is mature and stable, suitable for sale of goods, weight prices generally more than ten thousand a; Advanced s-shaped aisle stacking, drinks vending machine price range is wide, more than ten thousand small, large, from around twenty thousand to thirty thousand, this kind of vending machine more high-end. Can not simply consider the price, the vending machine is a profit making machine, the quality must be guarantee, is like a taxi if quality is bad old anchor will certainly bring great loss, but if you open a Mercedes to run normal rent must also not appropriate, the quality is good but the cost recovery is too slow, don't bargain. Can check more information online, online information was too miscellaneous out at ordinary times you can pay more attention to the railway station, subway vending machine is which manufacturer, can batch supply manufacturers in these places must be quality, price is not very expensive. Different vending machine price is different. Like the sort of vending machine technology bureau custom vending machine price will a little higher than normal, the function is different also, of course.
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