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Guangdong vending machine manufacturers tell whether touch screen vending machines are expensive

by:Haloo      2021-03-13
Guangdong vending machine manufacturers talk about whether touch screen vending machines are expensive? Some people will ask how much a touch screen vending machine is? Is it expensive? Advertisements on the touch screen can introduce product information very well and achieve a good sales effect. Although the price will be slightly more expensive than ordinary vending machines, the price of this vending machine is extremely reasonable. At present, many large and medium-sized cities in my country have become emerging markets for unmanned vending machines, and their future potential and development direction are bound to have prospects. Although some Chinese business giants introduced this format in the past few years, although they have not achieved the expected results, they have played a very important role in the cultivation of the market. Regardless of people's perception and acceptance, or the experience accumulated in the market, now should be a good time for China's vending machine industry. In response to this, China's vending machine operation and service model has arrived. By building an intelligent automatic vending platform, the current vending machine can now support a variety of transaction payment modes, such as cash, bank cards, stored value cards, cash cards, etc., as well as Alipay and WeChat mobile payments, and can realize larger payments And transaction settlement, thus making the consumption process safer and more convenient. The price difference of different types of unmanned vending machines is still very large. Among them, the cheap vending machine is a multi-door lattice cabinet, which is several thousand yuan per unit; the machine of the spring/track cargo lane has a long history and does not have much technology. Difficulty. The main difference lies in software functions and hardware quality. The price ranges from more than 10,000 to more than 20,000; I don’t know what you sell, if you sell beverages (the current market is mature and stable, and selling beverages will be safer, and sales are good. ) Then choose a beverage vending machine with an S-shaped stacking aisle. This type of machine will not jam the goods and is very easy to maintain; if you are buying snacks, yogurt and other goods, choose the spring spiral or crawler aisle. The cargo machine bar, this type of vending machine can sell small commodities in various packages/sizes; in addition, the multi-door lattice cabinet has the advantage of selling commodity packages (such as drinks, instant noodles, ham, and other foods together). Unmanned vending machines are a special industry, and several conditions must be met at the same time to develop. In China, vending machines are still an emerging industry. Now mobile payments such as WeChat and Alipay have been greatly popularized, providing a very convenient payment environment for the unmanned vending machine industry. The labor costs in developed areas are high, so Vending machines began to spread in first-tier and second-tier cities, and gradually developed into third- and fourth-tier cities. Because they are retailing, they must have a large population and strong demand to have a market. Because they compete with or replace manual traditional stores, the labor cost is high. Unmanned vending machines in the area have the advantage, and the payment system should be convenient. The market prospects are excellent. I believe that after reading the introduction of this article, I will have my own understanding of this aspect. In the future, problems such as touch screen vending machines can also be solved very well. Here, we recommend you to learn more about unmanned vending machines in Dongguan, vending machines in Guangdong, etc., and hope to help you! Previous: Problems in the operation of Guangdong vending machines Next: Points to note about the profits of Guangdong unmanned vending machines
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