Guangdong vending machine manufacturer latest-adult vending machine

by:Haloo      2021-04-19
Adult vending machines have always been one of the main products of vending machine manufacturers. The business model of vending machines is perfectly integrated with the privacy characteristics of adult products, and it has become one of its main sales channels, which has led to a large number of adult product distributors in the market. When purchasing vending machines to sell products, as far as Guangdong is concerned, there are several models of adult machines. I recommend it to everyone today, the latest adult vending machine in Guangdong, the information is as follows: Guangdong adult machine 01 model 1. SK-CR-01 main cabinet with auxiliary cabinets to achieve large storage capacity and save replenishment time. Scan code smart payment, realize 24-hour unattended operation, avoid transaction embarrassment and realize uninterrupted operation. Adopting the ninth-generation brand-new motherboard of Guangdong Intelligent Technology, an industrial-grade remote anti-theft alarm system, which can realize intercom and remote high-definition video monitoring. Powerful alarm device, anti-theft glass and thickened all-steel body, safe operation and rest assured to make money. Guangdong Adult Vending Machine Model 02 2. The basic configuration of SK-CR-02 is roughly the same as SK-CR-01, but the number of cargo lanes is slightly different.
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