Guangdong vending machine and you analyze the feasibility of vending machine shared design

by:Haloo      2021-03-11
Guangdong vending machine and you analyze the feasibility of the common design of vending machine, the shape of the vending machine design product is related to its use mode, including the purpose of use, use environment, target users, use conditions, use time, and operating behavior. The shape of the vending machine not only brings a visual experience, but also gives the user some prompt features. The simple linear shape is easier to integrate with the environment and conforms to the public's aesthetics. However, special attention should be paid to the details of the design. The exposed edges of the fuselage must be rounded, which can not only reduce the threat to the user, but also give people a sense of psychological security and make people approach willing. Under the premise of satisfying the use function of the machine, guaranteeing safety and not increasing the production cost too much, the shape of the fuselage can be improved to make the user more convenient and comfortable to use. According to the above, the appearance interface of the vending machine is mainly composed of coin slot, coin refund port, display screen, product display window, selection button, pickup port, etc. The layout of these structures directly affects the convenience of users. . A reasonable, scientific, and easy-to-understand interface will also expand the number of users of vending machines and improve their commonality. The interface layout design of the vending machine should fully consider the user's operating habits and visual habits. The color itself does not have beauty and ugliness. The color design of the product must follow certain principles, such as the functional, symbolic, environmental, popular, human-machine coordination, craftsmanship and economical principles of the color, and according to the characteristics of the product , Use these principles for overall consideration, select the key factors that should be considered and prioritize them, in order to achieve an effective and reasonable color plan. The color design of the vending machine first considers the following basic principles. The color should fully reflect the coordinated relationship between man and machine. Appropriate color design can make the operator feel determined, eliminate tension, and improve the efficiency and safety of use. For example, the buttons on the operation panel can be distinguished by different colors, highlighting important parts, allowing the operator to respond quickly and operate accurately. The color design should fully consider the relationship between the use environment and the product. The use environment of vending machines is relatively complicated, and most of them are placed near public places such as shopping malls and stations with a large flow of people. Therefore, it is not advisable to use excessively stimulating or exciting colors on a large area to avoid user anxiety. At the same time, it should not be too dull, so the color should be cool or warm with low purity and high brightness. The above knowledge is introduced here, so if you master the above knowledge of Guangdong vending machine, then you will understand it better, and at the same time it will be easier to use. If you have anything you don’t understand, welcome to come! Previous: Discussion on the prospects of toy unmanned vending machines Next: The profit model of unmanned vending machines in Dongguan is very simple
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