Guangdong unmanned vending machine manufacturers talk about the prospects of drug vending machines

by:Haloo      2021-03-12
Guangdong unmanned vending machine manufacturers talk about the prospects of drug vending machines? The 'smart medicine vending machine' should have been verified in the market in Fujian in 2000, but there were no good results. Maybe AI was not so hot at that time. Now it is affected by artificial intelligence. Smart services such as people’s supermarkets are recognized by the general public, and the citizens have accepted and enjoyed self-service purchase services in their consumption concepts. Therefore, I think the smart vending machine is under the influence of “AI artificial intelligence, under the change of people’s consumption concepts” market verification meeting Smoother and easier to accept. Many cities in China are gradually verifying that, for example, the 24-hour smart vending machine in Suzhou is a model that integrates the production, deployment and operation of smart vending machines. For example, Suqian is also piloting vending machines. Vending machine manufacturers are integrating production and sales. , R u0026 D as an integrated manufacturer of vending machines. Under the influence of AI artificial intelligence, it is convenient for the people, and acceptance will be very good. Product attributes. The profit model of vending machines is very simple. The most direct profit model is to do retail. Sell snacks and drinks like small shops to make a profit of the price difference. However, vending machines are more flexible than small shops. Parks, squares, schools with more people Various places such as the dormitory downstairs of the library hall of the teaching building, the hospital hall, the subway, the train station waiting room, etc. can be used; there is an additional profit method is the profit of the advertising business, which is to broadcast the information on the large display screen on the vending machine. This kind of advertising, this market is also quite large. As for the prospects, there must be. There are many Chinese people and the retail market is very large. It can be said that it is the largest in the world. As a smart retail terminal, the current number is definitely far from meeting future needs. At present, the reason why it is not popularized in tier 3, 4, 5, and 6 cities is because the local labor cost is still very low, and the cost advantage of using vending machines for retail is not obvious. However, the economy is constantly developing, and people's wages are rising overall. As time goes by, the cost advantage of using vending machines for retail sales will become more and more obvious. After reading the author's introduction, do you have a clearer understanding of the prospects of drug vending machines? The above is what the author of Dongguan introduced to you today. I hope it will be helpful to you. More information about Guangdong vending machines and unmanned vending machines in Dongguan is available in Dongguan Trading Co., Ltd., so stay tuned. Prev: Talking about how to invest in business venture vending machines Next: What is the difference between Guangdong vending machines and unmanned vending stores
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