Goody bag vending machine is a kind of sales model how?

by:Haloo      2021-01-21
Maybe a lot of people for the lipstick machine have to understand, and fire for a long time, and the bag gift vending machine let you shine at the moment! Although this type of vending machine has been in the condition of not best don't fire, and in the National Day suddenly broke up, this is what circumstance? At the beginning of the National Day holiday lever, a trill user issued a goody bag box in a vending machine for an iphone video of x, and had many comments said the camera, VR glasses higher-value goods, so many people see the very heart, want to want to the front of the goody bag gift vending machine to try their luck! As long as consumers in the bag gift vending machine to choose an aisle, pay 30 yuan, can buy a lucky box. It seems to many consumers to spend a few yuan to satisfy their curiosity, even if smoke less than value of commodity is worth it! Of course there is also a part of the rent to the mind of the consumer, finally just spend money on lessons! Goody bag machine while on the statement is a kind of innovation, but the vending machine is essentially a commodity, since it is goods, merchants behind is the purpose of profit! Mentioned profit, in fact, a lot of web celebrity businesses in choosing commodities is to have cultured. Take the lipstick of vending machine now, many common lipstick machine is to choose some big brand of lipstick, every one in the price of the lipstick LiangSanBaiKuai, and the concept of doll machine somewhat similar!
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