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Gansu lanzhou we pay attention to put in the position of the vending machine?

by:Haloo      2020-11-13
Gansu lanzhou we pay attention to put in the position of the vending machine? To choose effective stream of places relatively closed small competition venues. For example at school, Under the teaching building hall, dormitory building, near the playground) , hospital ( The hall) , subway, high-speed, the railway station ( Waiting room, ticket office, etc. ) There are too many people, factories and such places, is far away from shops and doesn't even have a store, is more appropriate. Also consider the quality of traffic, although some places are better than one but not necessarily suitable for vending machine, such as too many people in the village, is the life that occupy the home is more sensitive to commodity prices, buy a bottle of soy sauce in order to save more than 5 cents to walk a street, vending machine sell goods, there is no any advantage, vending machine is the biggest advantage of 24 hours a day all year round selling self-help figure is convenient, not cheap. In such as also is the railway station, near the platform is very not appropriate, you are busy with the train which free shopping. Again in flourishing business street is not suitable, for example, all store supermarket around all the traffic was divided up, vending machine sales volume is not much. So choose to put in the position to pay attention to the quality of traffic and traffic properties, but also pay attention to the surrounding artificial entities shop competition.
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