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Future prospects and development space of vending machines

by:Haloo      2021-09-17
With the development of e-commerce, new retail and Internet of Things technology, the prospect of vending machines is getting better and better. If vending machines want to be popular, they have to conform to the consumer's consumption habits. It is definitely not enough to speculate subjectively from external conditions. Vending machines also need to be continuously upgraded and continuously improved, so as to create smart self-service shopping equipment with higher performance, higher reliability and more in line with people's daily shopping habits. It is not too late for vending machines to enter the domestic market. It has probably been for nearly 20 years, but it has been developing very slowly in the past ten years. We can analyze the reasons in combination with various historical factors: 1. The variety is not rich enough , Mainly based on beverage vending machines and snack vending machines, which are too monotonous. 2. The payment function is not rich enough, only paper money and coins can be used for shopping, and the types of denominations that can be identified are limited. 3. The quality of the citizens is not high enough, and the man-made damage is serious, which leads to the high cost of the later use of the vending machine. 4. The management cost is too high. Because the vending machines at the time were not connected to the Internet and there was no data backend, more manpower and material resources had to be spent on site statistics, sales and replenishment of goods. In order to make a profit, the price of the goods could only be increased accordingly, and it was difficult to be consumed. The person accepts. Therefore, if the current vending machines want better development, they must solve the above problems. Fortunately, the business environment and the quality of the people have improved a lot than before, and mobile payment has also become very popular, which has brought good conditions for the popularization of vending machines. Hotel room vending machines, adult vending machines, freshly squeezed juice vending machines, lunch box fruit, vegetable and seafood vending machines, and other vending machines are increasingly appearing in various places, breaking the situation of too single vending machines. Among them, the powerful promoter should be mobile payment, which can be convenient and fast to shop by scanning the code on the mobile phone. This convenient shopping experience is not comparable to the cash mode, and it is also a level higher in efficiency. Since haloo teamed up with Alipay to launch a smart vending machine that supports mobile Alipay payment in 2013, it has been 5 years since the vending machine that supports Alipay and WeChat has been very popular. Now if any vending machine is not available Support mobile payment, then it is embarrassed to say that it is a vending machine! When it comes to the quality of the people, the sharing economy is indispensable. From the initial curiosity, taking advantage of the small gains to now becoming accustomed, gradually the damage rate of self-service unmanned equipment is getting lower and lower, and the quality of people is gradually improving. The placement of this kind of place has a safety guarantee. In fact, it is a process for any new thing to be integrated into everyone’s life from appearing to being fully accepted. For example, when phone booths and bus stops appeared in the past few years, the phone booths and stop signs were seriously damaged, and then slowly Enough. However, the vending machine itself cannot relax its vigilance. The quality must be guaranteed to be excellent, and the performance must be completely reliable. To achieve complete functions, dust-proof, anti-theft, long service life, low failure rate, simple maintenance, low maintenance costs, good machine customer purchase experience, and improved service quality, only in this way can vending machines continue to operate for a long time. The development of modern industrial technology also allows vending machines to have many more humane functions, such as heating and cooling. Having a cup of hot milk tea in the cold winter and a bottle of cold drink in the hot summer is really a happy thing for customers! Vending machines are no longer a cold machine, they seem to have human emotions, they can know cold and hot, better serve the public, and warm everyone's heart. Driven by technology, a variety of cargo lanes have been continuously developed. There are spring spiral cargo lanes of different specifications, which are suitable for selling all kinds of goods with fixed packaging. They are called general cargo lanes, and they are suitable for selling bento fruits and vegetables. PTZ track combined cargo lanes that are vulnerable to falling, such as cakes, cakes, etc., have S-shaped stacking lanes that specialize in selling various bottled drinks in order to improve efficiency and reduce the rate of jams. The multi-door lattice cabinet of the product package. These different cargo routes greatly enrich the variety of commodities. At the same time, the generation of the infrared light sensing system gives the vending machine an eye, which can effectively track whether the product has been successfully shipped, which improves the success rate of product shipments as a whole. In order to reduce the later operating costs of vending machines, a cloud background management system came into being. This is a complete set of Internet of Things system. The vending machine maintains real-time contact with the back-end server through a 3/4G mobile phone network. At this time, the vending machine is no longer a separate individual, but a part of a system. The vending machine uploads its status and sales every moment. The vending machine administrator can view the detailed sales data and machine status of each vending machine anytime and anywhere by logging in to the background account, and can remotely control the vending machine settings Operation of commodity prices, setting machine temperature, etc. Through the background data, the vending machine administrator can clearly know which machine is out of which goods, how many goods are missing, and replenish the goods according to the data. This is many times more convenient than the previous blind repair and on-site inspection. How many times the efficiency is higher, the later operating costs will be lowered when the efficiency is higher. Through the data report, you can also analyze which places and which products are sold more, in which seasons and time periods, and combine the profits of individual commodities to formulate reasonable models and commodity quotas to achieve profit growth. . This article editor: haloo vending machine search hot words: vending machine, unmanned vending machine, vending machine manufacturer official website: Tel: 400-86-55011 mobile phone: 18053215830 The copyright belongs to the haloo vending machine.
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