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Fruit vending machine manufacturers: What functions does the vending machine have?

by:Haloo      2021-03-19
The original intention of fruit vending machine manufacturers to invest in vending machines is of course to make money. Therefore, the cost issue should be considered as a top priority. The operation of vending machines must be based on low cost and low investment. Too high rents will weaken the confidence of publishers and will not be conducive to further scale deployment. Therefore, investment in vending machines can consider a variety of cooperation methods. 1. The goods sold by vending machines belong to the FMCG category. Usually the beverages and snacks sold are low-profit products, and the profit ceiling is very low. However, the ceiling can be raised through the sale of third-party advertisements and even possible cooperation with mobile operators, but the premise is that the coverage of vending machines should be large and the population should be covered. 2. The size of the vending machine itself is limited. If it is too large, it will increase the cost, and if it is too small, the profit will be insufficient. In fact, this problem still belongs to the first disadvantage; it's just that since vending machine manufacturers want to combine vending machines with mailboxes, they must consider that too many goods in the future may cause the vending machines to be overwhelmed. 3. Vending machines are now mainly concentrated in universities and labor-intensive manufacturing enterprises. If the target audience is limited, there are fewer opportunities to cooperate with advertisers and even operators. Now a vending machine company has negotiated with the subway and started to put terminals in the subway. This is a good opportunity to expand its influence. 1. Smart payment method. Traditional vending machines, especially some old-fashioned ones, can only be purchased with coins or banknotes. Changing changes has become a hassle. I used them as a coin exchange tool before. And smart vending machines support mobile payment, such as Alipay, WeChat, UnionPay cards, etc. With the popularity of face payment, some smart vending machines now also support face-swiping payment, which can better liberate your hands. 2. With extended functions. The smart vending machine is not as simple as configuring a large touch screen. When you click on the product, it will jump to the product details. When no one clicks on it, it will play advertisements and never idle. Therefore, smart vending machines have the function of advertising. Placing smart vending machines in railway stations, subways, airports and other places with large traffic can play a good advertising effect. Third, the purchase experience is more humane. The traditional vending machine has only one button, which is to select the product and display the price. The whole process is relatively mechanical and boring. The operation of the intelligent vending machine is much more comfortable because it is equipped with a large screen. Furthermore, some vending machines are now equipped with their own online shopping malls. Users can use their mobile phones to purchase remotely online. After obtaining the pick-up code, they can pick up the goods at any time when passing by the vending machine. Fruit vending machine manufacturers 4. Intelligent background management. The smart vending machine uploads each transaction information to the back-end data center to monitor the running status of the vending machine in real time, such as whether it is malfunctioning or out of stock. And intelligently analyze the accumulated sales information to identify which products are best-selling and which are unpopular, and provide accurate data support for the next purchase. However, traditional vending machines do not have this function, and management is rather chaotic, requiring manual clearance, and replenishment cannot accurately determine whether it is easy to sell. Previous: Guangdong lattice machine manufacturer: What is the retail mode of the vending machine? Next: Dongguan vending machine manufacturers: What is the development history of vending machines?
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