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Freshly squeezed orange juice vending machine leads the concept of healthy consumption

by:Haloo      2021-03-17
In recent years, with the frequent occurrence of beverage and food safety accidents and people's pursuit of healthy consumption concepts, 'purely natural, zero-added' freshly squeezed fruit juice has gradually entered people's lives. According to a survey of China’s beverage market by Beijing Business Daily in 2016, the order of market share of beverages three years ago was milk tea, ice cream, Hong Kong-style desserts, and freshly squeezed juice; while the current market demand order is freshly squeezed juice, Hong Kong-style desserts, milk tea, ice cream. The market share of freshly squeezed juices is gradually moving to the top of the beverage market. According to data from the China Juice Industry Association, the current freshly squeezed juice market is mostly based on orange juice beverages, and most domestic consumers like to buy freshly squeezed orange juice beverages, and the acceptance rate is as high as 58%. At present, most of the fruit juice beverages on the Chinese beverage market are pre-processed canned or bottled finished products, mixed with a large amount of water and some additives, and their nutritional value and health value are greatly reduced. Even the so-called '100% pure juice' on the market is not the original squeezed juice that consumers usually think, let alone freshly squeezed juice. It can be seen that the freshly squeezed juice market still has a lot of room for development, and the fresh, delicious, nutritious, healthy and safe freshly squeezed orange juice provided by the freshly squeezed orange juice vending machine just meets the primary needs of consumers in the freshly squeezed juice market , The prospects are promising. As an unattended smart retail terminal, the freshly squeezed orange juice vending machine integrates freshly squeezed orange juice and a convenient vending cabinet. In terms of the profit model, in addition to the income from the sale of orange juice, other items can also be sold in the side sales cabinet, and the counter and the operation screen can also become advertising places to help operators obtain advertising income. According to international authoritative market survey data, the consumer group of freshly squeezed orange juice is mostly young, highly educated, high-income, and female. In terms of occupational structure, professionals with office work characteristics have a higher demand for freshly squeezed orange juice. At the same time, since drinking freshly squeezed orange juice is a fresh and fashionable way of life, its consumer groups are obviously younger. For teenagers aged 15-18, the market penetration rate reached 46.9%, and consumers aged 20-40 accounted for 63% of the freshly squeezed juice market. Therefore, the market for freshly squeezed orange juice should be positioned at the 15-40 year-old fashionable young group, while focusing on office women who pursue healthy and high-quality consumption concepts to break through the market. According to the results of China’s sixth census, the population of 15-40 years old is 570 million, of which 280 million are female. If calculated on the basis of an average of 10 cups per person per year, the annual consumption of freshly squeezed orange juice will be 28 billion To 57 billion yuan. In the next 5 to 10 years, freshly squeezed orange juice vending machines will surely lead the beverage consumer market, with a market share of 60%, and sales are expected to reach several billion yuan. As a fully intelligent unattended self-service retail terminal, the freshly squeezed orange juice vending machine integrates a freshly squeezed orange juice machine and a vending machine. Based on the 'Internet of Things' architecture, it is managed through the cloud and is fully enclosed and automatically produced. Process sanitation guarantee and self-service multifunctional payment management are widely used in airports, high-speed railway stations, commercial places, schools, hospitals, communities, etc., to provide people with a healthy, convenient, and WYSIWYG shopping experience. The above information is provided by vending machines. Please mark the reprint. Previous post: Consumer demand analysis The key to success in the vending machine industry in the future
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