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Fresh new vending machine play, jingdong contactless service measures

by:Haloo      2021-01-28
It had begun as early as in early 2017, jingdong layout no retail. To participate in the jingdong home of investment in companies, schools, communities have a vending machine. But due to various details, there is no one to the development of retail business is not ideal. The industry analysis, the competition into the threshold is very low, and combined with the primary market capital environment is loose, and all kinds of vending machines, excess supply of empty shelves and other facilities, the industry profit is very low, jingdong home once a slowdown in the pursuit of retail business. Market is always changing, in recent months, the outbreak of the crisis, but the opportunity is also very prominent. Contactless demand again dial jingdong 'love hate mixed no retail. Some time ago, jingdong logistics department joint jingdong 7 fresh fresh supermarket launched five smart fresh vending machine. It is understood that the 5 smart vending machine deployment in Beijing tongzhou BOBO freedom city, all of the commodities in the vending machine from 7 fresh fresh supermarket procurement, in the purchase link and transport links are completed sanitization. Smart fresh vending machines for selling eggs, fruits and vegetables such as all kinds of cold fresh food through the transparent glass cupboard door, consumers can see clearly in the vending machine of all kinds of fresh vegetables, and vending machine cabinet door with qr code on the screen, the user can scan qr code by mobile phones and open cupboard door of vending machine, buy fresh food. Selling operation and settlement process implements all the unmanned, effectively avoids the contact between people. The move to epidemic environment public health guarantee has obvious positive effect. In fact, the jingdong introduced fresh vending machines, main raw retail, focus a bit, to abandon old ideas of the past operating vending machine; Second, seven fresh fresh supermarket stores, have a certain advantage of supply chain, the operation has a decisive help; Finally, under the official propaganda, community called for 'curtilage economy arises at the historic moment, and contactless consumption and no one to sell into the current mainstream trend, and all this, makes the new layout of jingdong it have more interesting and look forward to.
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